Soria firefighters have placed a sculpture of a giant crab in the waters of the Duero. Specifically, the crustacean has been located between the Postiguillo footbridge and Soto Playa. Its author is César Antón, who made it during the III Sculpture Symposium of the Soria City Council, last September.

For the placement of the sculpture, a large crane and the help of the Soria firefighters have been necessary, since part of the sculpture piece will be submerged in the waters of the river. The crab is four meters high, five meters wide, six meters long and weighs approximately 900. It is made of fiberglass similar to the Magaña dinosaur and prepared for inclement weather, according to municipal sources.

César Antón is inspired to create it in the summers of Soria, “in the interior of Soria, what touches the little heart”, those summers of fishing and eating crabs. The work faithfully reflects the taxonomy of the crustacean, something that the sculptor has done from memory, without the need to consult photographs or a manual. Each claw of the sculptural crab measures three meters. The total wingspan of the sculpture exceeds almost six meters in length.

The work is one of the eight sculptures born in the latest edition of the Sculpture Symposium organized by the Department of Culture of the Soria City Council and coordinated by the Soria sculptor Ricardo González. ‘The crab’ is one of the two sculpture pieces that still had to be installed (‘The knife’ by Adolfo Gutiérrez, which will be installed on Cuchilleros street, is still pending), after the rest were placed in different locations around Soto Playa or even Santa Barbara Park. For the installation of the work of César Antón, a provisional permit is available from the Duero Hydrographic Confederation (CHD).