After the shots were fired at a 16-year-old in Bramsche near Osnabrück, the youth died from his serious injuries. This was announced by a spokesman for the Osnabrück public prosecutor’s office on Thursday. The teenager died on Wednesday evening. He was fatally injured by shots fired by an 81-year-old neighbor on Tuesday morning. An arrest warrant for murder and attempted manslaughter was issued against the man with Italian citizenship in the hospital on Thursday.

The crime took place in front of the victim’s home and the suspect’s opposite a primary school. The alleged perpetrator initially fired shots at the 16-year-old. As the public prosecutor only announced on Thursday, he then fired in the direction of the teenager’s mother. She had come out into the street because she had heard the shots. The woman was unharmed.

The accused is silent

The man then seriously injured himself. He has not been in mortal danger since Wednesday. As soon as the suspect is transportable, he will be transferred to a prison hospital, the spokesman said. The magistrate came to the hospital to issue the arrest warrant. The accused did not comment, said the spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office.

The background to the crime was therefore initially unclear. There were probably neighborly differences, but whether these were the motive for the crime is, among other things, the subject of the investigation. An autopsy of the corpse in the forensic medicine in Oldenburg should take place in a timely manner.

The accused is a marksman, the murder weapon is a marksman’s weapon. It is a small caliber pistol. The public prosecutor’s office could not answer whether the man was allowed to own a weapon. The city of Bramsche, as the responsible authority, did not want to comment on this. However, the city “fully complied with its statutory duties as a weapons authority,” said a spokesman.