In the trial surrounding the violent death of transman Malte C. at Christopher Street Day in Münster, the prosecution demanded a youth sentence of five years for the accused. An application will be made to have the 20-year-old placed in an educational institution, said the representative of the public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday during the proceedings before the district court. The defendant is charged with assault resulting in death.

He is said to have hit Malte C. in the head at the CSD in August 2022 when he stood protectively in front of CSD participants. The 25-year-old fell with the back of his head on the pavement and died days later as a result of a traumatic brain injury. The prosecutor said the defendant had no intent to kill. At the time of the crime he was an adolescent, and a significant developmental delay can also be assumed. He made a full confession – “carried by real remorse”. Alcohol-related disinhibition is not to be assessed as a mitigating sentence. The man knew that he was prone to violence when using drugs.

The prosecution assumes that the 20-year-old will continue to commit acts of violence in the future. He was repeatedly noticed by cases of physical harm, once convicted. In juvenile criminal law, the focus is on the concept of education.

The public prosecutor’s office demanded that the severity of the crime should be given an aggravating effect. She sees no fundamental homophobic, transphobic or anti-queer attitude in the accused – even if his insults towards CSD participants were of this nature. The prosecution assumes that the 20-year-old Russian is gay.