Five people were injured when an explosive object was thrown at a mourner in Altbach in Baden-Württemberg. Up to 500 people had gathered there on Friday afternoon for the funeral of a 20-year-old man, according to the police, state criminal investigation office and public prosecutor.

A 23-year-old approached the mourners and threw a previously unknown object into the crowd. Five people were slightly injured and required hospital treatment.

The mourners followed the suspect and beat him so badly that he was flown to the hospital.

Large contingent of forces

Police received several 911 calls reporting an explosion. As a result, a large contingent of police, rescue services and fire brigade responded.

Initially, there were two suspects. It will be determined whether other people were involved, it said in the evening. The background of the attack is completely unclear. Since the police do not rule out connections with a series of shots in Baden-Württemberg, the State Criminal Police Office has taken over the investigation. A spokesman said that possible connections would be examined.

Type of explosive device is under investigation

The police spoke of a very aggressive atmosphere at the funeral service. The type of explosive device involved is now the subject of further forensic investigations. The police initially spoke of a firecracker. A spokesman later said that it had to be determined what exactly was thrown for an object – whether it was a commercial firecracker or a home-made explosive device. According to security sources, the mourners suffered “burn and splinter injuries”.

The 20-year-old man who was buried died in a train accident a week ago. The police exclude third-party negligence. Candles, photos and flowers were placed at the train station in Altbach. “It’s disrespectful to do something like this at a funeral service,” said one who knew the dead man. “That is unforgivable.”