Consum activates a second phase of the Aid Plan for Ukraine with the donation of purchase vouchers worth 150,000 euros to Cáritas to help the Ukrainian refugees who have come to our country fleeing the war and other refugees and migrants welcomed in those communities autonomous where it is present.

This aid is added to that made by Consum, through the Red Cross, in mid-March, when it collected 350,000 euros for donations from its customers in cash, to which the Cooperative added another 50,000 euros, until reaching a total sum of €400,000. This aid was intended to support the humanitarian work that the Red Cross was carrying out in the face of the emergency situation caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This amount was allocated to those affected by the war in Ukraine to cover, mainly, their basic needs (hygiene, shelter and cooking), access to safe water, health care, and protection and restoration of family contacts.

Consum, as a social economy company, is firmly committed to the local communities in which it carries out its cooperative activity and also to large-scale social emergencies. Through its Solidarity Program, it carries out numerous actions aimed, mainly, at putting an end to hunger and guaranteeing everyone’s access to healthy, nutritious and sufficient food.

In the face of a humanitarian crisis like the one in Ukraine, the cooperative, in accordance with its values, joins forces to proactively help people who are affected by the conflict.