Pedro Cavadas sounded the alarm about the coronavirus two and a half years ago now and he did so by warning that the data communicated by the Chinese Government at that time was not credible. Pedro Cavadas warned that the coronavirus was much more serious than he was being led to believe. He warned that it was an extremely contagious virus and that a pandemic could “decimate the world’s population.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) did not give credence to the words of Pedro Cavadas regarding the situation in China, where the Wuhan coronavirus originated, and doctors and the media described the Valencian surgeon as “alarmist and propagated hoaxes” .

Pedro Cavadas had noticed the speed with which China was building new hospitals at the beginning of 2020 and warned before anyone else about the risks of the then unknown coronavirus: “It doesn’t seem like it’s a joke to sell masks.”

Two and a half years later, the evolution of the pandemic has confirmed Pedro Cavadas’ predictions and the focus is once again on China. The authorities of the Asian giant have opted for the unlikely policy of “covid zero” that has led to the return to hard confinement of millions of people.

When in countries like Spain there are hardly any limitations in force against Covid-19 and practically living with a “flu-like” pandemic, China has returned to extreme restrictions and a mass exodus of citizens is taking place who try to leave the country before the hardness of the measures against the coronavirus.

In Beijing, with 1,900 infections (half of those reported by the Valencian Community this Friday), the authorities closed schools, non-essential shops and public places in early May.

A month later, in the Chinese capital, restrictions have been eased but schools have not yet opened and to use public transport, users must present a test from this Monday that confirms that they have tested negative for covid for less than 72 hours. In two districts, Fengtai and Changping, the most extreme limitations are maintained to try to reduce coronavirus infections to zero.

If at the beginning of the pandemic Pedro Cavadas questioned the figures reported by China, the latest official statistics continue to generate controversy. In fact, the Asian country has reported since the Covid-19 was detected until last May, just 5,200 deaths and 1.11 million infections, which contrast with the 1.83 million deaths and 194.36 million positives. by coronavirus registered by the European health authorities.

Despite this, China has returned to the policy of restrictions and confinements, in part because its vaccine is less effective than those developed in the West. In addition, more than one hundred million inhabitants over sixty years of age have not yet received the doses that protect them from covid.

This is another of the points that Pedro Cavadas warned about when the vaccination process had not yet begun. The surgeon, included in the Forbes list of the best doctors, warned that the vaccines would take “several years” to reach the entire world population, which would make it difficult to eradicate the coronavirus pandemic.

In this sense, the latest data updated by the World Health Organization (WHO) confirm Pedro Cavadas’ thesis. In fact, despite the fact that sixty percent of the world’s population is already vaccinated, the supply of doses has been asymmetric. Thus, only 57 countries – the majority of high or upper-middle income – have vaccinated seventy percent of their inhabitants against the coronavirus. On the other hand, as the Spanish doctor warned, close to a billion people in low-income countries have not yet received the immunization.

The new outbreaks of the coronavirus in China, as well as the reports of the UN and the WHO, confirm Pedro Cavadas’ theses black on white for which he was branded as “alarmist” about the persistence of covid and the irregular distribution of vaccines.