It’s been several years since the tagline ‘festival boom’ became a recurring expression. The musical program in the summer months has been covered with the sheet of live music and festivals. A sheet that wobbled due to the Covid attack and was about to tear. In some cases this was the case, as with the Segovian Fogorock (Ayllón), which will no longer be held until further notice. Others, the majority, resisted and, even, in the heat of the desire for a festive summer “like the ones before”, this year some new ones have been born throughout the country. There is practically a festival every weekend.

“The competition will be fierce in this world that has grown like wildfire,” says Juan Cruz Pascual, one of the organizers of Palencia Sonora, one of the first events that kick off the summer season in Castilla y León.

“But we are not afraid,” he continues. Together with Sonorama and Ebrovisión we are the deans of the region, the best positioned ». Likewise, he points out that despite the fact that a good part of the artists who perform at the different festivals are the same, the differential nature of each event is what makes them loyal to their audience. “Being done in a medium-sized city, ours is more comfortable because leisure is greater than in other places where the dimensions of the city make it more difficult,” he explains in statements to ABC.

From the Sonorama Ribera, the musical event with the most ‘name’ in the Community, they share the diagnosis that “there is excess supply”, although they also have very high morale and expectations in a festival that has not stopped growing. “We have found ourselves more eager than in the edition before the pandemic and the pre-sale is going phenomenally,” explains Juan Carlos de la Fuente, one of its organizers. “Fear has turned into a desire to live,” he says before acknowledging that “excess supply will make it difficult for many projects to go ahead.” “After the pandemic, the consolidated ones who adapted to the circumstances in a very difficult moment that not everyone was able to face, return,” he continues before clarifying that, together with the hospitality industry, “we are the sector that has taken the longest to get back to normal and people have to eat”, he states to conclude that “it is legal for promoters to want to do concerts now that they can”.

The outlook for Planeta Sound, a medium-sized festival in Ponferrada, is optimistic. “There is room for everyone,” declares Ángel Escudero, from the organization. “I do not see the problem. There is a lot of demand and that is why there is so much supply », in addition to « there are not many festivals in the area like ours », he concludes.

The differential point is put by the Huercasa Country Festival, in Riaza (Segovia), a small event that does not intend to grow in capacity or space as it is niche. “We don’t want to be a massive festival, we have a fixed audience, who come for the atmosphere, not for the headliner,” explains David Jiménez, from Heart of Gold, who assures that the main objective of Huercasa is “to vindicate life in the countryside and the tranquility». The capacity does not exceed 5,000 people. This is one of the dates that, in 2021, decided to wait and not take place. “The necessary conditions were not met and it was a matter of patience. We live in a society of immediate response in which things are wanted for the day before yesterday », criticizes him.

What they all agree on is that this summer they will do well and the music will resonate outdoors in large, medium and small venues. And, to whet your appetite, the season has begun with a newborn and absolutely Castilian and Leonese festival, the Ola Sonora in Zamora, which ended yesterday and has brought together 9 artists from the Community of the stature of Rebeca Jiménez, Marta Andrés, Alba Wayra, Fabián, Marazu, Edu Jerez or Son of Wood. The most curious thing is its free character to position itself in the regional panorama. Together with him, we present a list with the most representative of the Community. Music and party for all tastes.

From June 9 to 12, the Palencia festival will open again to the entire city. The event, which will feature 34 groups and artists and an extensive program of parallel activities, such as a charitable vermouth, workshops for the little ones or an exhibition of photographs, make up the skeleton of the party. Likewise, among the headliners are León-Benavente, Zahara, Carolina Durante, Alizzz, Depedro, Le Boom, Califato ¾ and Rufus T. Firefly.

On the same dates as the previous one -from June 9 to 11-, one of the flagship Rock-metal festivals in Castilla y León returns to its native Zamora with a capacity of 4,000 attendees compared to the 500 it launched last year due to Covid restrictions. Likewise, minors under 16 may enter accompanied by their legal guardians. As for the artists that will liven up the evenings, Beast in Black, Moonspell, Avalanch, Korpiklaani, Lacuna Coil or Blind Guardian, among others, stand out.

From July 14 to 17, the Béjar Blues Festival will again fill with music along with other proposals and complementary activities in the towns of Béjar, Hervás, Candelario and Baños de Montemayor. Likewise, they will also recover their traditional morning sessions. As for the main artists that will entertain the event, stand out Matt Schofield Music, Little G Weevil

Canceled during the pandemic, Planeta Sound will return to the Colomán Trabado Stadium in Ponferrada on July 15, 16 and 17. The indie-style festival will offer a good musical selection of national bands, as well as food trucks and more activities to spend a great weekend. Thus, among the artists who will participate in the party, stand out MODA, Sidonie, Lory Meyers, Dorian, Shinova or Russian Ladilla.

The famous and ‘peculiar’ American music festival also returns to Riaza (Segovia) after a two-year hiatus, with a capacity of 5,000 people to avoid crowds and a luxury lineup that includes some of the biggest living stars of this genre based on traditional music from the United States: The Wild Feathers, Nikki Lane, Mike and The Moonpies, The Dirty Browns or Peralta.

Iñaki ‘Uoho’ and the band from Extremoduro will be one of the highlights of the Soria Rock festival, which will be held in the city’s bullring on July 23 and 24, together with other groups of great national projection such as Sons of Aguirre, The Locos, The Lizards or I don’t know them. The festival maintains its usual social work. reusable cups and will collaborate with the Food Bank so that people who bring non-perishable products (mainly milk or economic contribution) will have a free drink.

The 15th edition of the Soriano festival will be held between July 28 and 30 on the banks of the Duero, one of the hallmarks of the event. This edition has continued to bet on Afro-American music with references such as Grand Slam Funk, London Afrobeat Collective or Mike Sanchez, among the many artists who will participate in the party. Likewise, it will have another year with the craft fair. Activities such as vermouth concerts will also return, which will liven up the mornings and afternoons in the city center and the bus service.

The quintessential festival in Castilla y León will be held in Aranda de Duero from August 10 to 14 and will have a maximum capacity of 40,000 people per day. It recovers total normality, with its traditional morning concerts in the Plaza del Trigo, and will feature more than 150 artists, including headliners such as C. Tangana, Izal, Jeanette, Amaia, La casa azul, Loquillo or Rayden, among others.

A blind date. That is the hooligan proposal of the Miranda de Ebro festival, which will be held from September 1 to 3 in a town in Burgos and which aims to surprise its potential audience. A person who does not risk does not win by handbook. His poster, already prepared, will not be revealed at any time and it will have to be the public itself who will be pleasantly surprised (or not). A most original tactic.