A 24-year-old vacationer wanted to experience a mountain tour in the Chiemgau Alps, and he was guided by an app on his smartphone. He still made it to the Reichenhaller Haus mountain hut at 1,750 meters above sea level. But later he had to be rescued by the mountain rescue service.

At the Reichenhaller Haus, he asked the innkeeper about the easiest way back into the valley, reports the Berchtesgadener Land district association of the Bavarian Red Cross. Apparently, however, he did not follow the description, but followed the instructions in his app. These led him into an impassable, remote area that was hardly accessible. On a “steep and exposed climb” he was only able to move on at times by sliding on his butt.

Finally, the Hessian had to admit that his situation exceeded both his mountaineering abilities and mentally overwhelmed him. The Bavarian Red Cross wrote in a press release that he was afraid he was unable to move forwards or backwards at an altitude of 1,300 meters. In this difficult situation, the climber finally made an emergency call.

An emergency doctor abseiled down from a rescue helicopter to calm the 24-year-old. Since rescue from the air was not possible, some rescue workers climbed up to the spot on foot and safely led the climber back down into the valley. According to the Bavarian Red Cross, a total of 13 volunteer mountain rescue workers were on duty. Ultimately, the man got away with a fright from which he soon recovered. He wasn’t injured – but he won’t be able to rely on the information in his mountaineering app anytime soon.

Source: Berchtesgadener Land district association of the Bavarian Red Cross

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