Bill Gates made a surprising appearance in a small mining town in Wyoming this week, where he decided to join a local poker game with regular workers. The billionaire, known for his work in technology and philanthropy, sat down with five locals at Wyoming Fossils in Kemmerer for a game of Texas hold ’em.

Gates, who was in the area for the construction of a nuclear power plant by his company TerraPower LLC, took a break from his busy schedule to unwind and enjoy a friendly game of poker. The group, which included individuals from various backgrounds such as food service, wholesale fossils, cattle ranching, and maintenance, gathered around the table with $100 cash each to play.

During the game, Gates showed off his poker skills and engaged in some intense hands with the other players. While there are conflicting reports on who emerged as the winner, it is clear that Gates held his own and made some strategic moves during the game.

Despite his status as a billionaire and a prominent figure in the tech industry, Gates was described by the locals as down-to-earth and approachable. He enjoyed some non-alcoholic drinks and engaged in casual conversation with the players, avoiding any discussions about politics.

One of the players, Joyce Chadwick, shared her experience of playing against Gates and winning a hand with five consecutive cards of different suits. She noted that Gates was focused and attentive during the game, displaying a keen interest in his cards and the ones on the table.

After the game, the group expressed their appreciation for Gates’ willingness to join them and participate in a simple pastime activity. They commended his humility and friendly demeanor, highlighting that his presence showed a genuine interest in connecting with local communities.

Overall, the unexpected visit from Bill Gates brought a sense of excitement and camaraderie to the small town, demonstrating that even individuals with immense wealth and influence can find joy in the simple pleasures of life. Gates’ poker game with the locals will be remembered as a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.