A 17-year-old who is known to the police is in custody because he is said to have beaten up a homeless man in the Allgäu. According to police, the victim died some time after the teenager was attacked. Officials announced on Wednesday that they are now investigating a possible homicide.

The police had already reported on the attack on Tuesday. At first, however, the case did not sound dramatic; there was only talk of a minor injury. Accordingly, the young person apparently attacked the 53-year-old in Immenstadt on the night of Monday to Tuesday for no reason. The victim then fled to the police station and filed a report.

According to a police spokesman, he had “apparently superficial injuries” in the head area. It is currently unclear whether the police advised him to seek medical treatment.

The man later retreated to the lobby of a bank branch to spend the night. He was found there early in the morning in a life-threatening condition. He later died as a result of head injuries despite intensive medical treatment.

According to the police, the connection between the crime and the victim’s death is currently an important question that the criminal investigation department is investigating. They hope to gain further information from the autopsy of the body.

Based on the description of the victim’s personality on the night of the crime, the officers could have caught the suspect at home on Tuesday afternoon. Initially, the young person was only investigated for assault before the further dramatic development became known. According to police, the 17-year-old has been noticed for crimes before.