The Ministry of Justice and the Interior is already preparing a diagnosis of the situation of youth gangs in Madrid: members, groups and areas most victimized. From there, he expects from June to start implementing it, under two premises. On the one hand, detection, and on the other, awareness and prevention. It will be fundamental, within the Comprehensive Security Strategy of the Community of Madrid (Esicam179), to reinforce the figure of the tutors of the Local Police, “both in number and in the extension of their tasks”.

The counselor for the branch, Enrique López, asks the Government Delegation to “persist in its plan, which began in February, and if necessary extend it to other areas.” In addition, the regional government will demand that the central government “strengthen the law against those of legal age who use minors” for the commission of these criminal activities.

More than 40% of the members of these criminal organizations are not yet 18 years old.

Therefore, work in family and school environments is essential. «In the Assembly of Madrid a study commission has been constituted for the criminal phenomenon of youth gangs, causes and solutions. We must insist more on gun control, “explains López to ABC. The collaboration efforts of the Local Police with the National and the Civil Guard “will be strengthened”; but it is also necessary to «ask for a certain degree of citizen awareness: these young people do not find family, social references, in schools… Which leads them to integration into these criminal groups. They are youth gangs, because the foreign element must not be taken into account », he concludes.