In the case of the killed 14-year-old boy from Wunstorf in Lower Saxony, blunt force trauma is the cause of death. “This is the result of the autopsy report,” said Can Türkay, spokesman for the Hanover public prosecutor’s office, on Friday. The investigators also informed that the murder suspect, who was the same age as the juvenile judge, was silent about the allegations.

On Thursday, the responsible district court had ordered the accused to be held in custody because the murder characteristic of insidiousness – as requested by the public prosecutor’s office – is seen. “The 14-year-old was unsuspecting and defenseless,” the investigators explained their view of it. It was said that he did not expect that he could be killed by his “playmate”. The suspect was taken to the Hamelin Juvenile Institution.

Father had reported his son missing

The father of the dead man reported his son missing on Tuesday evening because he had not returned home from a meeting with a 14-year-old from Wunstorf. The body of the missing boy was only discovered on Wednesday on a wasteland in the village of Wunstorf-Blumenau.

According to the first police reports, after the accused had informed the investigators himself that he had killed and hidden the boy of the same age, he later remained silent before the juvenile court judge. He did not comment on the allegations during the screening, said prosecutor Türkay. The boy now has a public defender by his side.

What exactly happened?

The question of what exactly happened between the two young people with German citizenship remains open. The use of blunt force as the cause of death points in the direction of media reports, according to which a stone is a possible murder weapon. Prosecutor Türkay announced that the publication of further details is not expected for the time being. The investigations are continued with interrogations and the analysis of traces.

A closed funeral service was planned for Friday at the school where the teenager was killed. According to the school management, the act had made everyone there “horrified, stunned and infinitely sad”.

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