Two German hikers from Lower Bavaria set out together on a mountain tour on the Steinernen Meer, a sub-mountain range of the Berchtesgaden Alps. The goal was a mountain hut at an altitude of more than 2000 meters. But only one of them got there.

The other hiker was discovered by a mountaineer at an altitude of around 1950 meters late on Sunday evening, reports the Salzburg Mountain Rescue Service. He was lying on the side of the path and was completely exhausted. The 64-year-old told the rescuers “that he would miss his companion”. A search for the other German was initiated, the mountain rescue was deployed with a large contingent of 16 rescue workers.

Local office and operations manager Markus Reichholf also asked the landlord of the mountain hut and asked him to keep his eyes open for new arrivals and also to check his sleeping quarters. And indeed: the missing hiker was found sleeping peacefully there.

Apparently he had simply left his companion behind when he couldn’t keep up the last part of the way. The hiker couldn’t find anything wrong with it afterwards either: “We woke him up, but he had no insight. He said that he had left his colleague behind and only said that he had to manage on his own,” explained Markus Reichholf. His exhausted colleague was transported down to the valley on a stretcher.

Source: Mountain Rescue Salzburg

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