It was a shock for Paula Rodriguez: the woman from the Dominican Republic had traveled to the USA with her dog Maia. She wanted to go to California via Atlanta. But her pet got lost at the airport in the US state of Georgia.

Finding the four-legged friend again was no easy task: after all, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta is considered the airport with the largest passenger volume in the world. 93.7 million passengers were handled there last year. Accordingly, there was great fear that something might have happened to the dog. But soon the owner and pet are reunited. According to the airport, Maia was discovered near the cargo terminal halls. She is tired, but at first glance she is in good shape.

The next step is a visit to the vet, who should check the dog thoroughly. Then Maia should come back home. A big relief for the owner: The loss of her dog was a “nightmare” for her, Paula Rodriguez told the US broadcaster CNN. “Anyone who knows me knows what she means to me. I never go anywhere without her.”

The drama came about because Rodriguez was denied entry into the United States after difficulties with her visa. Therefore, she was supposed to fly back to her home country the day after her arrival. She spent the night in a reception center for migrants. However, dogs were not allowed there, so an employee from Delta Airlines looked after Maia. At least that’s what he was supposed to do – but when Rodriguez was supposed to fly back to the Dominican Republic, the dog could no longer be found.

It turned out that an employee had opened the kennel in which the dog was in the car. Maia then ran away and dashed across the runway. For three weeks the animal hid on the airport’s more than 4,000 hectare site. Now Maia can finally go back to her owner, with whom she has lived for six years.

Sources:  CNN / Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Atlanta

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