Two beach bars have burned in the early hours of this Friday on the beach of the Castellón town of Almenara, an event that, apparently, has been intentional, according to the mayor of the municipality, Estíbaliz Pérez.

As pointed out by the first mayor, the fires have occurred after, supposedly, someone has sprayed the facilities with gasoline and set them on fire. The Judicial Police of the Civil Guard has opened an investigation to find out the causes of the fire.

Pérez has condemned the events, indicating that the two well-known beach bars (El Xato and the Paqui Ice Cream Shop) belonged to two families from Almenara that “are devastated”, and has lamented that, after the incident, many families will lose their jobs.

The agents found different bottles of gasoline and other personal effects of a man who had to be transferred to the Sagunto Hospital with different burns all over his body, the severity of which forced the doctors to transfer him to the La Fe Hospital in Valencia.