The town of Alovera (Guadalajara) will have the largest artificial beach in Europe, an infrastructure that is expected to start up in 2023. The facilities will have an area of ​​25,000 square meters of bathing area , 15,000 square meters of urban beach and 1,000 car parks.

The ‘Alovera Beach’ leisure park will have five different areas in which different types of activities can be carried out: water and beach areas; sports and entertainment equipment; slide towers and paddling pools; sailing school and water sports and restaurants and services.

In this way, in Alovera Beach there will be hammocks, umbrellas, an open-air gym, a zip line, beach volleyball courts or piers to practice water sports such as sailing or paddle surfing.

This urban beach will have direct communication with the A2 motorway, which will facilitate access from Madrid, which is just over 50 kilometers from the Guadalajara town of Alovera.

This Thursday, the Alovera City Council has given the green light to the public tender for this aquatic leisure center, which proposes to enable a large sheet of water on land ceded by the Consistory.

The agreement has been adopted with the votes in favor of the three municipal groups that make up the local government, Alternativa Alovera, Partido Popular and Vox, and the vote against the councilors of PSOE and United We Can, as reported in a note of press the platform Alovera in Network, of the City council.

Likewise, it has indicated that the corporate plenary should consider the previous phase in which the bidding for the project had been processed and then the control of environmental, traffic and legal aspects, both in competent higher administrations and in courts, to be completed, all of which were overcome. the resources and filters proposed to the winning project.

Alovera en Red has pointed out that the aquatic leisure center, known as a possible commercial brand of ‘Alovera Beach’, is presented as a project to which companies will be able to tender for the construction of a large sheet of water on land ceded by the City Council to offer a leisure and water sports area around it.

The future center “is strengthened in this tender from the government team, because it has proven to be a sustainable option and economic promotion for the municipality, which will also offer preferential access conditions and better conditions for the residents of the municipality,” he added. .

He has also pointed out that “the consumption of water, which in principle could generate doubts in the public, has been shown not only the low impact, its consumption being similar to that of 90 family homes per year, and as a sustainable alternative, since in In case of opting for the vegetation typical of green areas, it would double the cost of water.

He has also ensured that the maintenance of the water will require “a hundred times less chemical products than an outdoor pool.” It will be the largest artificial beach in Europe.

“The result is the first center of its kind with a destination for public use, although the management is private, which promotes sports and leisure activities throughout the year in the municipality and which allows visitors to be received for their enjoyment,” Alovera stressed. in network.

And he pointed out that “it would be developed on currently degraded land in the municipality, which right now has no use, and that it will also allow the generation of more than 150 direct jobs and many indirect jobs in the town and region.”