The webcam in Katmai National Park in southern Alaska is actually a service for bear fans. But recently she helped free a hiker from dire straits.

The camera is located in a place where bears like to hang out. You can watch the animals catch fish on the river or simply roam around the area via the live stream on the internet. The broadcast has been running around the clock since June and can be seen on the website of the responsible company Explore and on YouTube. However, the audience was really surprised when a face suddenly appeared instead of the bear.

An exhausted hiker came into view of the camera on Dumpling Mountain, looked directly into the camera and mouthed the words “Help me.” Apparently he got into trouble on his tour in difficult weather conditions. Luckily, some stream viewers noticed the hiker and alerted the company that runs the webcam.

A rescue operation was initiated – which was ultimately successful. A spokeswoman for the national park told the Washington Post: “The park has sent a search team to find the hiker, who was trapped in wind, rain and poor visibility.” A few hours after the emergency call, the man was found unharmed and brought to safety.

Without the webcam, his hike might not have ended so well. The bear camera saved the man’s life, writes the company Explore on X, formerly Twitter. The viewers who had requested help for the hiker had a front row seat to the rescue – because this could also be followed via the live stream.

Sources: on X / / “Washington Post”

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