He then put the body with its head in a paint bucket and photographed it before packing it in plastic bags and placing it on the banks of the Geeste River in Bremerhaven. He sent the picture of the corpse he made. He also cleaned DNA traces from the dead body before placing it on the Geeste.

She was discovered there in September by a walker in impassable terrain. The woman was only identified after more than three weeks. Around six weeks after the crime, the 33-year-old was arrested and subsequently taken into custody.

With the verdict, the court went well beyond the demands of the public prosecutor’s office, which had called for ten years and two months in prison in its plea. The defense pleaded for nine years in prison on Tuesday.

According to a court spokesman, both the public prosecutor’s office and the defense viewed the man’s ability to control himself as significantly impaired by previous alcohol consumption. However, the judges did not follow this view.