Kassel Airport has been in the red since it opened a good decade ago – but according to its finance minister, the state of Hesse, as the largest shareholder, absolutely wants to hold on to it in the new electoral period from 2024 to 2029. Alexander Lorz (CDU) said in an interview with the German Press Agency in Wiesbaden: “People often refer to the Mallorca plane. But what is much more interesting about Kassel Airport is its importance as an infrastructure project for northern Hesse.” The airport is located in the municipality of Calden.

Lorz added: “The spillover effects on the economy are very broad. Aviation-related companies in particular find very good conditions in Calden.” This also creates jobs and brings in tax revenue, explained the Finance Minister. A lot of things in northern Hesse are done by road and rail. “But there is also the opportunity for companies to fly at Kassel Airport. The airport is part of North Hesse’s offering as a logistics region.”

“An economic success story”

The Black-Red Party’s political interest is great “in the northern Hessian region continuing to develop. This requires suitable infrastructure,” said Lorz. He also referred to the coalition agreement of the new state government. Accordingly, the regional airport should be further strengthened: “It is already an economic success story, especially with regard to the establishment of new companies.”

The contract goes on to say: “Where possible by politicians, we also want to help ensure that passenger numbers develop positively in the coming years.” In 2023, the number of passengers had approached the pre-Corona value again at 108,000 – 121,000 passengers were counted in Calden in 2019.

The black-red coalition agreement also speaks of the goal of “improved transport access. For this purpose and to reduce CO2 emissions, a rail connection with a connection to the Kassel ICE train station for the airport and the emerging commercial area should be examined.”

Critics, on the other hand, are calling for the small airport to be downgraded to a commercial airfield in view of the million dollar deficit. Previous Hessian coalition agreements had contained financial restrictions for the airport. In addition to the state of Hesse, its shareholders include the city and district of Kassel as well as the municipality of Calden.

Kassel Airport