Standing in the kitchen forever after work is something no one wants to do. That’s why simple oven dishes are perfect for long days. They are prepared quickly, always taste good and are also time-saving. Because while the food is practically cooking itself in the oven, the kitchen is being cleaned, the table is being set – and before you know it, the steaming dish is ready and can be eaten.

A forgotten oven classic are casseroles or gratins. They are particularly aromatic, incredibly versatile and ideal right now – on cold autumn and winter days – because they warm you from the inside out and are an absolute comfort food. It’s best to use seasonal foods such as pumpkin, carrots and potatoes – they are not only particularly aromatic, but also sustainable and affordable.

This hearty pumpkin and potato casserole with a crispy parmesan crust is a perfect example of a successful oven meal. Nutty pumpkin meets creamy potato slices and is topped with a layer of savory Parmesan. Baked in the oven, the flavors combine to create a harmonious taste spectacle that will make you want more autumn dishes.

Goes well with: a green salad.

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