Contrary to Raphael, Mateo has abandoned the angelic face in that phenomenon that is not only age, but what the industry and him, as a creator, demand of him in the way he presents himself to the world. Not just anyone composes for himself or for Juan Magán, but Abraham Mateo is not the product of success, but of the smallest detail. That’s why he also produces and who calls him “the Spanish Justin Bieber” is not too wrong.

The youth imitate him. His music is on the main radio stations and in the most lost clubs. He has ‘coupled’ artistically with Jennifer López or 50 Cent, milestones that rather bring him closer to Julio Iglesias. Both are united by a love for the potential of Madrid and Spain in the Latin.

However, Mateo has not lost his island accent, and it goes without saying that he will not lose it no matter how much he visits Miami or New York. In fact, he has lived a lot in Madrid and does not see that the capital, in this matter of being the Latin American epicenter of sound, is far behind Miami itself.

Andalusian, ‘cañaílla’ (native of the Island of San Fernando), not only the accent remains. Also that habit of opening the way by biting and bringing the family, whom the interviewer knows while delving into the Madrid of Abraham Mateo.

Place and date of birth.

Good way to start the interview, ‘illo’. I was born on August 25, 1998. On the Island of San Fernando, Cádiz. I am ‘cane’.

At what age did you arrive in Madrid?

With 16 years. I remember the day I arrived because in the end what I saved when I was on tour I invested in buying a house in Madrid and bringing my family here. I didn’t expect to get it so soon. It was, and I’m honest, an incredible moment. Of those that mark you forever.

What impression did you have before of the capital?

Madrid imposed a lot of respect on me. Psss, I don’t know… Just mentioning the name made me nervous. Another accent, another speed. We are talking about the center of Spain.

How do they treat you around here?

I am very comfortable even though I miss my land. Here I feel good, time is used and there is a very, very wide range of possibilities. Also internationally.

By “international”, do you mean Miami, New York, London…?


I reformulate. Madrid, Miami, New York or London?

I would choose Miami for work. For pleasure New York, it’s a dream to be there and I love New York.

Abound in the “international”.

What we do in our country is becoming more and more fashionable. And we have to believe it. We have to talk. We are doing a very good job. The artists are offering very interesting proposals. Miami and Latin America look at us. We have something unique: our roots. Our Andalusian, Spanish roots. Those make us ‘cool’. We have a gender of our own. And Madrid exports it. There is a lot of exponent of the Latin ‘cool’.

Could Madrid be the new Miami?

It can be. Of course. There are many artists who are taking this desire to their field. There is a lot of talent. Even in Miami, attention is paid to what is here.

Is this a good city for music?

Yes. Although the type of music you want to do has a lot to do with it, it’s a good city. Of the best.

What genre would suit Madrid best?

I really like pop/rock. One more style of ours. That’s also what you like. When something is authentic and true. Here we have artists like Juan Magán, Alejandro Sanz… That seems to work.

To a man from Miami, and we return to Miami, what about Madrid?

I would tell him that Madrid is very authentic, that it inspires you, that you can do anything because there is everything. It has places for absolutely everyone. It is a place that makes you feel alive. It encourages you to work. The illusion encourages you.

Where will you find the muses?

There are many places that inspire me. The Gran Vía brings back many memories. I spent many months in a hotel on Gran Vía. It is very exciting. I went with my mother and on that street I met my first love. Also El Retiro, when I was younger.

Put at least one ‘but’.

Summer. August in Madrid is difficult. It’s like putting yourself in hell, with no one on the sidewalks.

How much are these streets of Cádiz?

Personally, the humor is different, although there is everything. But in Madrid I feel very good. It also influences that I have been coming since I was little.

At the entrance of the hotel we have photographed him next to a neon sign that reads «Madrid kills me»…

Yes, Madrid kills you; It kills you from a heat stroke in the middle of the afternoon.