The spokeswoman for the Socialist Municipal Group in the Madrid City Council, Mar Espinar, has assured that the possibility that she will not be the mayoral candidate for her party for the May 2023 elections is something that does not worry her or make her sleepless and he remembered that he is on leave, so he would return to his previous job and thus have more time for his daughter. This was stated in an interview in Servimedia due to the suspicion that the current Government delegate in Madrid and Espinar’s former partner as a councilor in the Madrid City Council, Mercedes González, is the bet of the President of the Government and national leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez , for the elections within less than a year.

Espinar is a labor worker and is currently on leave from her job at the European Consumer Center, so if she does not head the socialist lists in the 2023 municipal elections, she could return to her post.

The municipal spokeswoman pointed out that “I’ve been sticking here for nine months and I’ll do it the year I have left because I believe in my city and in the ability of all my neighbors to make Madrid a much better city than it is, bearing in mind that it’s very good”. In this sense, the socialist spokeswoman added that she struggles in the Madrid City Council because she believes in what she does, “because I like what I do and because I consider politics as a public service.”

Espinar affirms that “I will never think that politics or the party are in debt because I do something that I am passionate about”, which is “working to make people’s lives as easy as possible”. In this way, she warned that “if you do not bet on me, if I lose or if I am not the candidate, I am not worried, nor do I lose sleep” and recalled that she is on leave, so she would return to her position .