Agents of the National Police of Palencia have arrested the former worker of a City Assistance Center for sexually abusing two women with disabilities who were admitted to the center. The abuses were carried out during the night shift, taking advantage of the fact that fewer staff were working in the center.

According to the Palencia National Police in a statement sent to Ical, the victims had 65 percent mental disabilities and one of them also had a physical disability.

The research was carried out in two phases. In the first place, one of the victims was identified at the end of April, when she reported that she had suffered sexual abuse consisting of touching and caressing.

Weeks later, it became known that there was another victim who also stated that he had suffered acts of a similar nature on the same day.

After having the Assistance Center knowledge of the facts, it immediately proceeded to dismiss the person in charge, who was arrested yesterday by the agents as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual assault, passing to the disposition of the Investigating Court number 1 of Palencia. After hearing his statement, the judge has decreed the detainee’s release with charges, although he has been prohibited from approaching the victims.