New scandal of sexual and moral harassment of a certain political gravity: Rachida Dati, former Conservative Minister of Justice, has asked the State Prosecutor’s Office to open a criminal investigation against Gilles Le Gendre, an eminent figure of La República En Marcha (LREM), Emmanuel Macron’s party.

Eleven days before the first round of legislative elections that will confirm a profound political transformation of the French political landscape, complaints of sexual and moral harassment have become a dominant electoral issue.

Taha Bouhafs (25 years old), a political figure of the populist extreme left, was forced to give up his ambition to be elected deputy, after the revelations of several party comrades, La France Insumisa (LFI), the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, accusing him outright of “inappropriate behavior.”

Weeks later, Damien Abad, Minister of Solidarities, partially incapacitated, was denounced by a small group of radical feminists, accusing him of harassment and sexual violence, “years ago.” Abad is a victim of a rare disease: arthrogryposis, which limits the normal functioning of the joints of the hands, arms and legs. The State prosecutor’s office launched an initial investigation, dismissing, for the time being, the accusations against the minister, the victim of an aggressive and permanent campaign.

After the cases of Bouhafs and Abad, a former Minister of Justice, of Nicolas Sarkozy, daughter of North African emigrants, Rachida Dati, enters the scene asking the State Prosecutor’s Office to open a criminal investigation against Gilles Le Gendre, a Macronian of a certain political trapío .

Dati is mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, an ultra-affluent district, and one of the most eminent figures of Los Republiquedos (LR, traditional right). Le Gendre, for her part, is part of Emmanuel Macron’s “praetorian guard”. She has been president of the Macronian parliamentary group in the National Assembly (AN). And he aspires to be re-elected deputy to confirm a leading position in presidential politics.

Le Gendre has reacted to Dati’s accusations by calling himself the victim of a “hateful electoral campaign”. Regardless of the decision made by the State Prosecutor’s Office, the new scandal seems destined to last indefinitely.

Rachida Dati leads the conservative opposition against the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and is in favor of a “constructive” opposition against Emmanuel Macron, from the positions of the traditional right. Her accusations of moral and sexual harassment of her against an eminent figure of the ‘macronía’ confirm the poisoned character of the political weapon of sexual violence, presumed or real.