Agents of the National Police have arrested a twenty-four-year-old man in Valencia as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of harassment, trying to contact a client to whom he had delivered a package on numerous occasions and even sending her a video of sexual content.

The investigation began after the police learned that a woman had apparently been harassed for several months by the delivery man of a parcel company. The man would have delivered a package from her to her home and apparently kept her phone number to contact her through an instant messaging application, as explained by the National Police in a statement.

The man allegedly insisted on contacting the victim up to nine more times, either through messages or video calls that the victim rejected or ignored.

The police found out that the suspect, receiving no response, allegedly tried to contact the woman again through the delivery of another package. Even the victim’s husband came to surprise him hanging around the farm where the victim lived and criticized her attitude.

However, far from giving up on his efforts, the man allegedly sent the victim a video with sexual content asking her if she liked it.

Finally and given these facts, the agents have identified and arrested the suspect as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of harassment. The arrested person, of Colombian origin and without a police record, has been released after taking his statement, but not before being warned of the obligation to appear before the judicial authority when required to do so.