The Valencian Community is going through a new “silent” wave of the coronavirus marked by the absence of restrictions and the decrease in tests to detect covid cases. In fact, hospitalizations for covid have increased by ten percent in just five days.

In this regard, the incidence rate of the coronavirus in people over 60 years of age has risen this Tuesday by 14.24 points to 722.18 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Valencian Community, below the national average of 846.55 cases, according to the update of the Ministry of Health.

In this regard, the region has registered a total of 6,111 new cases of coronavirus and 14 deaths since last Friday, according to the update of the Ministry of Health.

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The new cases of covid by provinces are 877 in Castellón (174,019 in total), 2,021 in Alicante (487,890 in total) and 3,213 in Valencia (758,834 in total). Of these, 2,666 are from people over 60 years of age. By provinces: 438 from Castellón, 888 from Alicante and 1,340 from Valencia.

For their part, Valencian hospitals currently have 767 people admitted affected by the coronavirus compared to 693 last Friday. Forty of them are in the ICU due to the seriousness of their condition.

The 14 deaths, with a date of death in the last two weeks, correspond to 11 women between 74 and 99 years old, and three men between 75, 83 and 88 years old. The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic amounts to 9,359: 1,093 in the province of Castellón, 3,548 in Alicante and 4,718 in Valencia.