On the day after the deadly knife attack at the Münster folk festival “Send”, the investigations of the murder commission are progressing. “Immediately after the crime, we were able to secure video recordings showing the suspect with his companion and the crime,” said Homicide Director Heiner Olthuis on Sunday afternoon. He called on the suspect and his companion to present themselves to the authorities.

Otherwise, the chief inspector held out the prospect of a public search. The recordings are suitable for this. A court would have to give its approval in advance for the publication of the pictures.

The suspect, who is probably 16 to 21 years old, is said to have stabbed a 31-year-old father on a ride during an argument on Saturday evening (the star reported). The victim died at the scene of the crime. The suspect is said to be about 1.70 meters tall, wearing light gray sweatpants and a light gray hoodie, white sneakers and a hat. According to the manhunt, he has black hair that is shaved short on the sides. His companion, who is also unknown, has short hair shaved on the sides and was wearing a black tracksuit jacket from Adidas, light-colored pants and white shoes. Alleged perpetrator and victim should not be related to each other. The search for the suspect and his companion has so far been unsuccessful.

The folk festival was canceled by the city of Münster after the fatal incident. Sunday would have been the last day of the spring show. “After the fatal knife attack late on Saturday evening, respect for the victim prohibits the continuation,” said Mayor Markus Lewe (CDU). He wanted to visit the crime scene on Sunday and light a candle for the dead man.

Homicide is calling on witnesses to the fatal incident to call (0251) 2750.

Sources: Münster police (1), Münster police (2), city of Münster, DPA news agency