For many parents, watching a child unwrap their Christmas presents full of anticipation and excited up to their toes is almost even nicer than opening their own presents. But friends and relatives also have fun giving the little ones from their immediate vicinity a gift on Christmas Eve. Just ask yourself: What do children look forward to the most? According to current statistics, the most popular gifts during the Christmas season include books, games, baby and toddler items. However, the terms are widely diversified and at first glance do not help you if you are looking for suitable Christmas gifts for children. Below you will find practical and meaningful ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

The intelligent wristwatch is not only splash-proof, but also contains many practical features – such as a motion sensor, a timer and a stopwatch, an alarm clock and a pedometer, games, a calendar and two cameras for photos, videos and selfies. As a result, the smartwatch benefits children and adults alike. Here you get the Smartwatch.

The Bosch brand not only stands for high-quality tools, but also for toys that are suitable for children: an absolute bestseller at Christmas is the workbench for children from the age of three, which contains everything from a vice, screwdriver, pliers and hammer to nuts, slats and screws what young up-and-coming craftsmen need for sawing, hammering and drilling. Here you can get the workbench.

Another classic under the Christmas tree is the Baby Born – a doll with lifelike functions, without batteries: She can be fed and bathed, cry and even pee in the potty. It is primarily for play, but can also develop children’s social skills and stimulate their imagination. Here you get the baby doll.

The twelve inch children’s tablet is equally suitable for painting, drawing and writing. The advantage here is obvious: With just one touch of a button, you can quickly and easily clear the screen – and start again. This means that children can be as creative as they like on the tablet, with the plastic pen or their own fingers. You can get the board here.

“We discover the dinosaurs”┬áthere is all sorts of things to discover: With the tiptoi pen (must be purchased separately), your children from the age of four can explore all kinds of noises and listen to stories – in a playful way. The interactive book not only promotes creativity, but also motivates play and learning. Get the book here.

This punching bag set is just the thing for children who like physical activity or are still looking for a new sport: It includes boxing gloves, boxing bandages and a bag as well as a 5.5 kg punching bag. For children who are very stressed or very restless, boxing is ideal for training their stamina, coordination and body control. Here you get the punching bag set.

Created by Margarete Steiff in 1880, the teddy bear with the typical button in its ear is now representative of one of the best-known plush companies. For children who love cuddly toys, the 30 cm tall dangling teddy Charly in a suitcase is a great Christmas present. Get the teddy here.

The car can not only drive forward and backward, but also can turn left and right. The sports car is controlled using a remote control, which enables children to enjoy pure driving pleasure using two joysticks. The robust and shockproof car drives over all smooth surfaces and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Get the sports car here.

Available in different colors, this 2-in-1 camera has been developed for children who have always wanted to try their hand at photography: the device can be used to take selfies and videos as well as take normal pictures – with and without color filters or Cartoon photo frame.Get the camera here.

This scooter grows with your child: thanks to the included seat (height-adjustable), the scooter initially serves as a walking bike, before over time it can also be used standing up. Since children grow at different rates, you can adjust the handlebars to different heights: 65 to 77 centimeters. The three wheels make it almost impossible to tip over, so children can ride a scooter from the age of one. You can get the scooter here.

Children love to do handicrafts: With this bead set, beautiful bracelets can be made individually. Whether flowers or letters, butterflies or stars – a total of 24 different subjects and beads offer your children absolute handicraft fun. The set also includes an elastic cord, safety scissors for children, a headband and matching pendant accessories. Here you get the pearl set.

Every singer started small: If your child also loves to sing, they will have a lot of fun with the karaoke microphone: It can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device – including all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Children can use the buttons on the microphone to individually set their favorite music, the echo length and the volume and sing to their heart’s content. Here you get the microphone.

In contrast to ordinary building blocks, the magnetic building blocks have the advantage that they stick together. This makes it possible to construct three-dimensional structures that have several educational advantages: They stimulate the imagination and support learning about colours, geometric shapes, sizes and magnetic polarities. Get the building blocks here.

When the days get shorter and the nights longer, playing outside isn’t much fun – with the flying ball you can now change that: the colorfully glowing LED lights make the flying object a real eye-catcher in the dark. The ball can be launched into the air by an inductive launcher and rise again manually from a certain height. Fun for the whole family. Get the ball here.

The multi-storey car park, which is more than 90 centimeters high, includes two loading zones, three different tracks, a gas station and a workshop. The set also includes two vehicles with which your children can explore the lanes. The racetrack becomes even more authentic thanks to the integrated driving sounds that embody pure driving pleasure. Here you get the racetrack.

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