Initial reports by Shin Bet’s internal security agency claimed they had been killed in a “clash”, but police later admitted that they had two assault rifles and they didn’t fire them. The police stated that the men tried to open fire during the arrest and were eventually stopped.

At their funeral, thousands marched down the streets waving Palestinian flags and factional flags. Some shot guns in the air. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade was an armed group that is not directly tied to President Mahmoud Abdul Bas’ Fatah Party and threatened revenge.

It stated that they were Ashraf al-Mubaslat and Adham Mabrouk, but did not give their ages. Images of the men circulated online show them holding assault rifles.

The Palestinian Authority, which controls a portion of the occupied West Bank region, condemned the shooting and demanded an international investigation.

Rights groups and Palestinians often accuse Israel of using excessive force, and killing attackers that could have been held safely. Israel claims its forces are committed to avoiding unnecessary casualties, but they must take quick decisions in highly dangerous situations.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett issued a short statement stating that the operation had proven that terrorists have no immunity and that anyone who harms us will be hurt.

Benny Gantz, Defense Minister, congratulated security forces and stated that he had just ordered increased security in the region. He stated that “We will continue to our proactive operations and we will thwart or catch anyone who attempts to harm human lives.”

In the West Bank, there have been a lot of shooting and stabbing attacks in recent weeks. In December, an Israeli settler was killed near a settlement post. In that shooting, four suspects were arrested by Israel days later.

Settlers also recently carried out several attacks on Palestinians and Israeli activists. These attacks caused property damage and injuries, but not fatalities.

The West Bank was captured by Israel in 1967’s Mideast war. Palestinians want it to be the core of their future state. The territory is home to nearly 500,000 Jewish settlers, as well as more than 2.5 million Palestinians.

The Palestinians see the settlements as the biggest obstacle to peace, and the majority of the international community considers them illegal. Israel regards the West Bank to be the historical and biblical heartland for the Jewish people.

Talks of peace came to an abrupt halt over a decade ago. However, the PA and Israel continue to cooperate in security matters.