Vicky White, a Alabama corrections officer, and Casey White, an accused murderer, had a relationship that was “outside of her work hours,” according to police.

Police said that the Alabama corrections officer and prison inmate who vanished almost a week ago had a special relationship, which included correspondence and meetings after work hours.

The sixth day of the manhunt for Vicky White (56), and Casey White (38), began on Wednesday. This was after Vicky White was taking Vicky White to the Lauderdale County Jail as Vicky White was carrying the murder suspect.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton stated that investigators found evidence of a “special relation” between them, although they are not related. However, the surveillance analyzed by police proved it could not be physical.

Singleton said that evidence has been found that supports the claim that she and Singleton had a relationship beyond her work hours. Singleton spoke to Sam Brock, NBC News correspondent, on TODAY Wednesday. “I don’t mean a physical relationship. However, they did have some contact outside of work hours.

New surveillance footage shows Casey White and Vicky White leaving jail on April 29, as Vicky White opens the door for Casey White. White is being handcuffed, shackled and restrained.

Casey White, who was sentenced to 75 years for a series of crimes, is now facing a capital murder charge for the stabbing death and attempted escape of a 58 year-old woman. Vicky White was four-time Employees of the Year and had a perfect record. Now, a warrant has been issued for her arrest on charges that she helped White escape.

Brock was told by John McCulloch, a former Lauderdale County inmate who knew Vicky for 15 years. “Everybody loved Vicky — nobody, nobody had anything but positive things to say about Vicky,” he said. “Never heard one negative word about her.”

Police said that White filed her retirement papers one day before the disappearance of the two. Court records also show that White sold her house five week ago for $95,000, which is well below the market value. According to industry research, it is three times as valuable. This has raised concerns among police that she was simply looking for quick cash.

She is divorced from her husband since 1991, and she has no children. According to According to, her mother said that her daughter never spoke of retirement during the five weeks that she lived with her since White’s house was sold.

A 2007 Ford Edge was found abandoned with damage to its rear bumper by the sheriff’s office. This vehicle was also their getaway vehicle. Singleton believes that the miscommunication caused a local police to issue an alert about the vehicle.

Singleton stated that “it’s basically put us back at almost square one.” “We know that they will probably get rid of the vehicle so we won’t have any clue what they’re driving.”