This advertising campaign appears surprising: Behind a Merkel poster, which is posted in Munich, is in truth even the CDU.

activists have to the 75. Birthday of the CDU in a “small gift” prepared. A poster of German Chancellor Angela Merkel also appeared in Munich. After a short time, it is suspended again (Update 26. June, 12.15 PM).

Update 26. June, 12.15 PM: At MVG you know about the unusual Merkel poster already know. Speaker Matthias Korte prophesies of the campaign, no great future.

the waiting halls and advertising responsible marketing partner DSM prepare, according to Korte just action: “the DSM will remove the poster at the roeckl place and is going to check the rest of the network”.

Ask about the “CDU-campaign” he had received no reports of the MVG-speaker.

At the bus station in Munich: Enigmatic Merkel poster

original message:

Munich – Which louse of Chancellor is run because since the liver? “The pandemic is an imposition, just as the capitalism “, rages Angela Merkel on a poster , the area including a bus station at the Munich-based bags place . In addition to the Logo of the CDU with the Hashtags #no are we and #system change, now reprinted. Strikes Merkel in the midst of the Corona-crisis* suddenly quite a different sound?

The Research in the network results quickly that it is not the Marketing Team of the CDU is, behind the campaign. Via Twitter, the climate activists of the “area” to explain : “just in Time for the 75. Birthday of the CDU (the party was founded in June 1945 in Berlin, ed.) we have prepared a small gift“.

a Video that some of the activists in night-time “Beautification action” displays at bus stops of the Republic of is Included. You have to put a sign against the “inhuman, group-friendly, and backward-looking” policy of the Union, commented on “terrain” under the Hashtag #NiemalsCDU.

Munich: Activists and a full CDU – Merkel “raging” because of Corona

in addition to “Marketing projects” for the CDU, the topic of coal exit is the activists just especially. Also in the hambach forest are members of the combination.

on the Part of the CDU, there was an official opinion to the Fake posters. Chancellor Merkel is likely to already have other things to Worry about. In the Union, the debate over their successor* has taken. Also a candidate, the look more often times in Munich *, might still be in the game. (lks) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.