One father-of-4 has won a Heart Breakfast competition and became a millionaire.

Paul Clymer, a lighting engineer from the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, is the third winner of Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire contest, which was launched in 2020.

Mr Clymer selected winning box number 30 from Make Me A Millionaire vault, the same number as his daughter’s birthday.

He stated to Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden that he came here for the experience and not because he was going to win.

It’s surreal right now. It’s crazy, crazy times.”

The Make Me A Millionaire contest was launched in February. Over the past three months, winners were able to choose whether to take the day’s prize money or to enter the final to win the PS1,000,000.

Mr Clymer declined PS2,000 to participate in the live final because he wanted to spend a day at Heart’s Leicester Square studios.

39 contestants were eliminated at random from the race for the top prize during a dramatic live finale to be entered into the Make Me A Millionaire vault.

Each finalist chose a number safety deposit box. The grand prize contained the only one chosen by Mr Clymer who made his choice based on his daughter’s birthday.

He called his children live, including Alisha, 11-years-old lucky-charm.

Martyne Thompson was his partner for 20 years and he said, “I’m in shock. It was something I didn’t expect to happen. I was looking forward to a pleasant day out.”

The couple plans to go on a vacation before purchasing their Kent family home, which is currently rented.

Holden, in a red sparkly gown, spoke at the occasion. He said that Heart’s Make Me a Millionaire had captivated the nation over the past 15 weeks culminating with the most dramatic grand finale on Heart Breakfast this morning.

“It was a pleasure to receive all our amazing finalists to Heart today.

“The atmosphere was incredible, and they made this day special.”

“Of course there can only one winner, and everyone at Heart is thrilled for Paul and his family. It was an honor to be a part of this life-changing moment.”

Theakston said: “What an amazing journey it’s been during the past 15 weeks of Heart’s Make Me a Millionaire.

“Hundreds of Heart listeners have won thousands since the game started back in February.

“There has been high drama and suspense and emotion along the way and there have been many happy tears as well. It all was building up to today’s highly anticipated Million Pound Final.

“What an amazing day! Paul is our winner. We are thrilled!

Shelley Humphries from Northampton, a mother-of-five who also owns a burger van, won last year’s prize.