According to a poll, Americans are less willing to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. This is a sign that there is growing anxiety about inflation.

The poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that while there is still broad support for U.S. sanction, opinions on the priority of sanctions over economic damage have changed. A majority of Americans now believe that the priority for the country should be to sanction Russia as efficiently as possible. However, 51% say it should limit damage to the U.S. economic.

These figures were completely reversed in April. These figures were reversed in April, when 55% of the population voted that Russia should be sanctioned as soon as possible after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

These shifts in opinion are a reflection of how rising prices are affecting American households. Surging costs for gasoline, groceries and other commodities have strained millions of Americans’ budgets and possibly stifled their willingness to financially support Ukraine. This could be troubling for President Joe Biden who approved $40 billion more in funding to Ukraine, including weapons and financial aid. This poll shows that he is not trusted to manage the situation and has an overall approval rating of just 45%, the lowest level since his presidency began.

Jeanette Ellis-Carter (retired accountant) said, “We’re murdering ourselves.” She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. We can help others, but we must also know how to help our own self. We aren’t doing that.

Ellis-Carter, 70 years old, stated that an annual inflation rate of 8% would wipe out any cost-of living adjustment for retirees. This is especially true with rising food and health care costs. Although she continues to perform accounting work, she has lost small-business clients that can no longer afford her services.

A large majority of Americans support imposing sanctions against Russia, banning oil imports from Russia, and providing weapons to Ukraine. The majority of Americans believe the U.S. should play a part in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 32% think the U.S. should play a major role, while 49% feel it should only have a minor one.

However, there is very little support for sending money directly to Ukraine. 44% of Americans support sending money to Ukraine, 32% oppose it and 23% are not in favor.

A new poll has shown that only 21% Americans believe Biden can handle the situation in Ukraine. 39% of Americans have some confidence, while 39% have very little.

Angelica Christensen (33 years old) from Ithaca, New York said that sometimes we get involved with things we shouldn’t. “We must now focus on building our economy.”

The U.S. and its European allies have imposed multiple rounds of sanctions against Russia. They cut off major banks from global transactions, and went after Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top leaders and their families. The U.S. also prohibited the importation Russian oil.