You might be thinking of lighting fireworks to celebrate Victoria Day. The Saskatoon Fire Department has safety reminders.

Private property is only allowed to be used for low-hazard fireworks. This applies only between 11 p.m. and dusk on Monday nights. Roman candles, sparklers fountains, wheels, and volcanoes are some examples of low-hazard fireworks. Only Fireworks Supervisor cards are allowed to purchase high-hazard fireworks. The Fire Department warns you to be careful when choosing your location. You should be familiar with the requirements for each type of firework that will be discharged. Clear your area from overhead obstructions and keep it clear side to side. Make sure you have water on hand and can use it to extinguish any debris or smoldering embers. This will prevent them from causing injury, property damage, and/or fires. The person who lit the fireworks is responsible if any debris lands on property or spectators.