Environment Canada has issued snowfall and blizzard warnings throughout Alberta as another Alberta clipper moves through the region.

Low visibility, slippery roads, and frigid winds chills are all common.

Terri Lang, a meteorologist, described the process as a low-pressure system that was developing in the province of the West and blasting across prairies with strong winds.

She said, “We get snow, wind, and then we get colder temperature.” “Be prepared for snow and blowing snow, especially along the highways. It won’t be a great day out there.

Meadow Lake does not have a warning, but snow is still falling at a steady 40-60 km/h with wind gusts. The Battlefords continues to experience blizzard conditions, with wind gusts of up to 50 km/h. Also, blowing snow is continuing to accumulate. This will eventually turn into light snow. Over the next 24 hours, both areas will see between 5 and 15 cm of snowfall.
Lang stated that Meadow Lake’s trees are helping to keep snow from blowing.

She explained that blizzard warnings are not visible in the central province because of this. The visibility doesn’t decrease as much when the trees are broken down.

This system is expected to cause light snow to be a significant cleanup for road crews. Driving conditions will remain less than ideal until Tuesday morning. Due to the snowy conditions and immediate temperature drop, advisories have been sent to motorists for them not to travel.

In a press release, the Saskatchewan RCMP stated that they have seen dangerous roads in Saskatchewan. This is causing increased traffic calls and collisions. For those who have to drive, it is important to keep winter clothes, matches, candles, and other materials inside the vehicle.

Lang stated, “Be prepared for winter conditions” and “Be prepared for temperature changes.”

The current storm is not the end of winter conditions. The next few days will see temperatures drop due to a ridge of high-pressure. A low of -22 C is forecast for Meadow Lake and Battlefords. Highs for the next few days are -19 C on Tuesday, -23C and -22 C on Thursday. Wednesday night will be the coldest day of the week. Extremely cold warnings will be issued.

Warmth could begin to occur by the weekend but Lang stated that not all models agree. However, blasts of atmospheric air tend to prevail. According to the forecast, Sunday’s temperature will reach -6 C in Battlefords and Meadow Lake at -7 C.

Lang stated, “We’ll watch to see if it actually moves out.”