Javier Cazares ran to his daughter’s school after hearing about a shooting. He left his truck open and ran into the schoolyard. He didn’t have his gun with him in his rush.

The next 35 to 45 minutes were spent looking for Jacklyn, his 9-year old “firecracker” and spent a lot of time analyzing the children running from Robb Elementary School. He yearned to run, and became increasingly angry with other parents that the police were not doing more to stop the gunman hiding in a classroom killing children.

“Majority of us were arguing to the police. You all need to go into there. Cazares, a veteran of the Army, said, “You all need to do their jobs.” “We were prepared to rush to get to work.

In the approximately 80 minutes that the gunman spent in Uvalde Texas school, nineteen children and two teachers were shot to death. This small community of predominantly Latino residents is located between vegetable fields and San Antonio, Texas. The Justice Department said that it would review the law enforcement response.

This account of Sandy Hook’s deadliest school shooting is based upon records, law enforcement timelines, and interviews with Uvalde residents during the hours and days following the attack.

Salvador Ramos showed up in the morning on May 24 and sent ominous messages. Authorities have confirmed that the gunman was 18 years old. He immediately purchased two AR-15-style rifles and hundreds of rounds ammunition.

Ramos, who lived in a shaded neighborhood near his grandparents and was only a half-mile away from the site where he would make it a crime ground, wrote “I’m About to” to an Instagram woman. He also sent a private message on Facebook to someone saying that he was going after his grandmother.

He was done in a matter of hours.

A neighbor was outside his yard when he heard a gunshot and saw Ramos running out of the front door to his grandparents’ house to a pickup truck that had been parked in the narrow street. Gilbert Gallegos,82 said that the 18-year old seemed anxious and tried to move the Ford from park.

Ramos drove off, throwing gravel into the air. His grandmother was soon covered in blood and emerged from the one-story home.

Gallegos said, “This is what He did.” She recalled her screaming. He shot me.”

Gallegos’ wife dialled 911 as he brought the woman to their yard. They hid in their backyard and waited for police to arrive.