The Asian longhorned beetle is a dangerous pest. From Asia introduced by the Import of wood products, he’ll eat for a number of years by our beautiful hardwoods.

For some time drives in Bavaria, Asian longhorned beetle on the loose. Beware of faster disposal: A native beetle sees the nasty intruder in a similar way. Currently, there are five quarantine areas in the free state, but that will change soon.

Munich/Eschenlohe– The Twitter community on the Internet and typed in the same on a ALB as the author of these lines hut photographed on a hike on Saturday near the High box in Eschenlohe during a break at a secluded hunting a strange beetle with long feelers and found a home on the Internet. The witty question to the Twitter community: “Who knows this guy?” came the not-so-humorous-meaning answer: “the Asian longhorned beetle is a nasty imported pest”, in addition to advice: Catch and tree/shrub discard. Oomph! The pest (more info should be here*) about in the beautiful upper Bavaria, Pusteria valley, far from civilization, wide have done? That would be a disaster.

ALB in Bavaria: caution, risk of confusion

But be careful: The common pest, ex officio also ALB abbreviated, has a harmless look-alikes. Now, the Wanderer was already back home, the beetle had stayed there on the fence post, so remained alive. And that was good. Because, as it turned out: The supposed ALB was a harmless fellow. “You found a Longhorn beetles of the genus manual blocks (Monochamus) , the size and shape as the ALB, the typical Longhorn beetles are, but from this different”, explained an expert from the Bavarian state Institute for agriculture (LfL).

The distinguishing features, however, some of the Semester beetle customer. The hand-trestles have a cover rough, granulated wings, the ALB, by contrast, glossy black Cover. What is striking is the difference in plate at the upper end of the wing covers: the artisans-crawlers-and-white, in the horror beetle black.

Asian longhorned beetle quarantine areas in Bavaria

The LfL (E-Mail: ) gets, at the moment, often messages of hikers, the strange beetle find. Photos will be evaluated by the experts of the LfL also be patient – not that of the ALB occurs somewhere. Five towns are quarantined area: Feldkirchen (Kreis München), Murnau, Miesbach, Kelheim and Ziemetshausen, in the district of Günzburg. To Miesbach, where the pest was first discovered in 2019, is relaxed, however, the position of law. Most of the quarantine zones can be eliminated by the end of 2020. In Murnau, tree climbers views this year again, the tree crowns, before it gives the all-clear.

+ Harmful: the Asian longhorned beetle. A difference to the beetle on the left: The shield between the wings white, right is left black.©LFL

but We have baptized our crawler Karl der Käfer – according to the song of a long forgotten Band “the creeps” that made it once with the following lines of immortal: “Karl, the beetle was not asked. You chased him away.“ Good that we asked for.

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