The Foreign office wants to send invoices for the Corona return action. But it’s not going to cover the cost of what awaits the vacationers.

sat the beginning of the Corona* -crisis, many people residing in Germany and elsewhere. As in Europe, the Lockdown* began, have cancelled their regular return flights from holiday . Hundreds of thousands of people have been brought back – partly with resources of the Federal . Now a part of the money should be brought back.

Berlin – Around 240 000 people flown to the Foreign office since the mid-March home – and from all Parts of the world. They were stuck during the strict time of the Corona-lock downs – in new Zealand, the USA, Mexico or many other countries.

so Far, the victims have not seen the account of how the ARD had reported. But that should change in the next days and weeks.

Corona-return action: record of action about six weeks

Whereas for German citizens entry bans* apply in other countries, came in for a lot of holidaymakers abroad, the crisis completely by surprise: flights were* deleted , Holidays with an uncertain outcome forcibly extended. The Happy ending for many, A return action, organized by the Federal foreign office in cooperation with the diplomatic missions on the ground.

the return action on may 17, was Launched. March – it was up to 24. April, as a machine, from Cape town to Germany, flew. For the 66,000 of the 240,000 Affected the Foreign office had to lease dedicated machines. As the ARD reported, had to travelers before boarding the return flight that you are willing to contribute to the costs.

Corona-return action: What the affected travelers are now expected

Only now you can work slowly of the bills – the traveller will receive in the next weeks invoices: “This lump sum will be determined according to the distance travelled, comparable average ticket prices and the cost of comparable return actions from EU member States up,“ says the Foreign office. According to the ARD, the packages are expected to be in the triple-digit Euro range.

For the pre-financing of the flights had made to the Bundestag by the Federal government 100 million euros now to flow back, thanks to einkassierter own shares – of which a lot.

But it is not going to cover the cost, had Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) recently, according to the ARD, is clear: It is about justice – because other holidaymakers had to pay for their return flights themselves.

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