Some find it boring. For others there is nothing that fulfills them more. Run. Putting one foot in front of the other is indisputably the most natural and (properly done) also the healthiest way of moving for us two-legged friends. And usually it’s a means to an end. For almost six million Germans, running is much more than that. They slip into their running shoes once or several times a week to put one foot in front of the other. Just a little faster and more often than on the way to the bakery or to the day care center. And without an obvious goal. Just like that. Some with music on their ears, others without. The slightly crazier ones with a hydration pack on their backs, others wrap their taut calves in colorful support stockings or better: compression stockings.

In short: runners are a very special people and actually have a little special hobby. You usually reward yourself with small gadgets for competition and training. Do you want to give runners a little something to do with your family or friends? We have put together ten gift ideas for less than 20 euros.

The belt bag for runners: inside. In the Fitgriff running belt there is space for a smartphone, house keys, nest egg and a small boost of energy (for longer runs). The closure is elastic and suitable for every runner figure. The belt itself can easily be hidden under the running shirt. If you start out very early or dusk falls in the evening, two reflective strips on the zip provide protection (then the Fitgriff running belt should of course be worn over the running shirt). In any case, a practical companion for beginners and ambitious runners. This is available in eight colors.

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Tube scarves are the runner’s all-purpose weapon par excellence. Whether warm or cold, sunny or windy, before or after training: the multifunctional towels made of cotton or merino wool always help. Provided you know how to lay and fold them. In wind and rain you simply pull it over your head and use it as a scarf. When running in the midday heat, folded into a pirate scarf, they protect the neck from UV radiation. In the spring, the quick-change artist becomes a hat. And best of all: bandanas, as the all-rounders are also called, are available in all designs and colors. Nature fans in particular should like this original buff.

After the shoes, the socks are the second most important part that most runners need in training and competitions. In addition to ordinary running socks, all kinds of models with a compression effect have established themselves in the running community (also in the hobby sector). The most striking are the classic stockings that reach just below the knee. The principle behind it: The pressure of the ultra-tight material is intended to stabilize the musculoskeletal system and keep the muscles tense. Especially when your legs get tired and your running style suffers. In addition, compression socks should support regeneration. The CEP Mid Socks can be worn in summer and winter and are also suitable for compression newbies. And because the eye also walks along a bit, these compression socks are available in four stylish color combinations.

The practical quick-release fasteners for the shoes have long been a must-have among triathletes. And what’s good for endurance triathletes can’t be bad for runners. Exactly. Of course, before you start running, you usually have all the time in the world to tie your shoes conscientiously. Still doesn’t always work. The Pace Locks are elastic shoelaces that are threaded with a plastic clip. Then connect the two ends with a stopper. The running shoe is ready to slip on. A loop is no longer possible and no longer necessary. And how could it be otherwise: The Pace Locks are available in 13 different colors.

Pressure points on the feet, chafed thighs (inner sides) and painful sores under the armpits are just three of many runners’ ailments. The Summersaver Sport is a practical helper for runners whose skin is particularly sensitive to friction in summer. And best of all: In contrast to notorious ointments and creams, the Summersaver Sport smells very pleasantly of mint and bergamot. The application is simple. Rub the sensitive areas generously with the stick, put your shoes on and off you go! What is inside? allantoin, vitamin B as well as almond and coconut oil. Nice: The ingredients used should be vegan and not tested on animals. stern editor Anna Stefanski tested the Summersaver. Here is the test report.

Long hair and sports. This isn’t a perfect match. You can still win it. Strands and hair that constantly tickle your face and blow your nose are distracting and annoying in the long run. Anyone who wants to tame them puts on a running cap or grabs the narrow hairbands, which are now also a trendy fashion accessory on the soccer field and handball court. The elastic and printed hair bands from Nike (60% polyester, 30% rubber, 10% silicone) are four millimeters wide and come in a pack of 3 in different colours.

One of the most well-known authors in Japan sought and found a balance to writing while running. In 2010, Murakami wrote a book about his favorite hobby. In his incomparably captivating way, he reflects in “What I’m talking about when I talk about running”, what his profession and running have in common and how running has influenced and changed his life. Born in Japan in 1949, he ran an ultramarathon at the age of almost 60. There are also numerous marathons, including legendary ones such as those in New York, Honolulu and Boston. The 160-page book is entertaining, amusing and many runners will find themselves in it. Absolute reading tip!

Anyone who has taken a deep breath in a changing room at a major running event will love this practical tool. Shoes, especially those of athletes, inevitably start to stink at some point. Sweat, insole and socks in a small space. This cannot go well and, in the long run, also attacks the inner workings of the shoes. But how do you get rid of the unpleasant smell? A British couple was looking for a sustainable answer to this. The result was Boot Bananas, a creative and versatile shoe deodorant. The fabric bananas (cover made of biodegradable cotton) contain a mixture of activated bamboo charcoal, salts, volcanic minerals and plant extracts (including lavender). And how does it work? Stick a banana in a smelly shoe. Complete. The Boot Bananas neutralize the odor and also absorb moisture. After use, the fabric bananas should be left to dry and kneaded vigorously once. The highlight: if the deodorant effect wears off, the yellow fruits slowly turn brown. According to the manufacturer, a pair of Boot Bananas can be used as a fragrance dispenser for up to twelve months.

A golden rule of running is: You don’t get faster during training, but during breaks. In other words, if you don’t allow your body any breaks, your regeneration will be torpedoed and you won’t improve in the long run. In addition, the risk of injury increases. Putting your feet up and doing nothing is only the second best option between training runs. Massage tools such as the Beurer massage ball help loosen stuck fascia and specifically relax tired, hardened muscles. The tool weighs 160 grams (without batteries) and stimulates the muscles (e.g. thighs, calves and back) with two intensities.

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There aren’t many taboo subjects among runners. This one isn’t either. Maybe because it solves one of the most painful problems: chafed and bleeding nipples. Thanks to (well-fitting) sports bras, running women don’t need to read any further at this point. Unless there’s a running-loving man in the house. The culprits are usually new or freshly washed running shirts that rub against the nipples when running. If sweat, salt or rain come into play, the already sensitive skin becomes more irritated than usual. Cotton fibers in particular, but also other textiles, put a strain on the sensitive nipples in the long run. The simple principle of the Nip Guard nipple plasters: Before running, stick them in the middle of the nipples to prevent contact with the running shirt. Anyone who has ever had bloody nipples will love the nipple plasters.


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