The places to get a transmission mast, come from applications of the action “We will hunt radio holes”. “Actually, we were assumed to be 50 winners, but because of the great success and huge participation in the whole of Germany, we will now build six more towers,” says Telekom-technology-in-chief Walter Goldenits.

to provide The Telecom has now given 180 municipalities, the commitment to take their places with LTE. The partnership with the municipalities is important to her. Already in February, the Telecom announced the first 50 winners to get in this year, a radio mast. With a lot of Bach Dettelbach of these communities are closed in two of the Funkmaste already in operation and the radio hole there. In the 50 other winners-the municipalities, which were announced in April, to start the Expansion yet this year.

when to get the 180 other municipalities LTE?

Up to 180 now announced places LTE get, it will take but still. The radio network planner Telekom have examined the of the municipalities proposed cellular locations, however, already. Further, it is Telekom that, as of the end of the year the place will be held-dates, in order to determine whether the site is actually usable. Subsequently, a lease agreement between Telecom and the municipality or the site owner will be completed. After that, the construction of the mobile funkmasts begins. In addition, the necessary applications must be submitted to the Federal network Agency. A launch is expected at the earliest in a year.

by the Way: is That not every municipality the following Video shows, it is also really serious with such an application and prefer to be in the radio hole lives on, although Telecom would expand.

These communities are Gedern their funk holes los

Baden-Württemberg-Bad Liebenzell, Received, horn mountain, Möckmühl, Simmersfeld Bayern Böbrach, Grafenau, Hausen/Rhön, Maßbach, Massing, Mistelgau, Monheim district, the Witte home, Neukirchen b. Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Neunburg vorm Wald, Nittendorf, Odelzhausen, St. Peter’s square, Tröstau, Ursensollen, Urspringen, Vilsbiburg, Waidhaus Brandenburg Gülitz-Reetz, love the forest Hamlet of Liebenthal, love the forest Hamlet of new Holland, Nennhausen, Strausberg District of Hohenstein living space Gladowshöhe Hessen Edertal,, Greifenstein, Gudensberg, Heidenrod, Hirschhorn (Neckar), Hohenstein, Homberg (Ohm), Laubach, Lautertal (Vogelsberg), Neighboring Districts, The Market Town Of Villmar, Market Spots Because Münster, Michelnau, Neuental, The Scots The District Of Einar Tshausen, The Scots The District Of Eschenrod, Sontra (Hussars Park), Sontra District Diemerod, Sontra District Of Heyerode, Stornfels, Ulrich Stone, Woods Solms, The District Of Griedel Creek, Woods Solms, The District Of Hassel Born, Woods Solms, District Of In The Birch Box, Wohratal Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Alt Sührkow, Lelkendorf, Black, Wokuhl-Dabelow, Zierow, Lower Saxony, Apen, Duingen, Samtgemeinde Fintel, Friedland, Located In The District Of Bramhar, Located In The District Of Klein Hesepe Geeste District Varloh, Kalefeld, Landolf, Germany, Lathen, Without, Einbeck, Stöckse, Syke, Wangerland, Wittingen The District Of Kakerbeck, Wittingen The District Of Snow Fling, Wittingen The District Of Suderwittingen, Wittingen District Of The Transvaal, Wittingen The District Of Vorhop, Wölpinghausen, North Rhine-Westphalia Blankenheim District Of Ahrdorf, Blankenheim District Doll Village, Blankenheim District Of Waldorf, Borgentreich, Brakel, Brakel, District Of Erkeln, Brakel District Schmechten, Fröndenberg Fröndenberg District Frömern, Fröndenberg District Neimen, Fröndenberg, The District Of Warm, Kall, Hille, District Of Eickhorst, Hille, District Of Upper Lübbecke, Höxter, Ladbergen, Germany, Mechernich District Floisdorf and mountain, Mechernich District Lorbach, Mechernich District Voißel, nice home District Bouderath, nice home District, Engelgau, nice home District of Roderath, Olsberg, the District of Bruchhausen, Olsberg Hamlet of Helmeringhausen, Oerlinghausen, Warstein, Germany, Wettringen Rheinland-Pfalz old Bamberg, Asbach, Baden, hardware, mountain, Berkoth, Bongard, Brandscheid, Bruchertseifen, founder Chen, Dill, Gehlert, Gemünden, Hardert, specialized glass Roth, dog Creek, lime kiln, cherry, Roth, small stone Hausen, Kollweiler, Langenbach, Leinsweiler, nine churches, low churches, Nothweiler, Oberdreis, upper düren Bach, Oberwesel, Engehöll, Weiler, Boppard, Onsdorf, Puderbach District commander Scheid, Puderbach Hamlet rich in stone, Quirnbach, Westerwald, Sankt Katharinen, Schalke Bach, Schmidt Hach Bach, Sohrschied, Tiefenbach, factory in Hausen, Throws, Saxony-Anhalt and Ballenstedt the District of Radisleben, patches of this village, good born, Horla, Harzgerode District of Mägdesprung, Harzgerode District of Straßberg, Südharz District wide stone, Südharz District of Hainrode, Südharz District of Schwenda, Südharz District Uftrungen, Südharz District Wickerode, Zerbst/Anhalt, the District of the Villages of, Zerbst/Anhalt District Walter Nienburg Saarland Gersheim, Losheim on the lake, Nohfelden Saxony, Boxberg/O. L. Jöhstadt, ,Striegistal the District of Marbach, Schleswig-Holstein, Bredenbek, lütjen Holm, Manhagen, Schlesen, Windeby Thuringia, leg city, Gefell District Gebersreuth, Gefell Hamlet of long green, Göhren, Planes, Masserberg, Neustadt on the Orla the District of Lichtenau, Rastenberg, Werra-Suhl-valley District of Horsch suffered, Triptis the District of Burkersdorf, Triptis the District of pilling village

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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