The Game Trials are one of the perks that might be going unnoticed with PS Plus Premium, Sony’s top-tier subscription service. These are not as widespread as originally thought. The functionality does not extend to all PS Stores and is more restricted. They are generous, however. Horizon Forbidden West’s platform holder will let you play for five hours before asking for your money.

Let’s get the small print out first. Because someone will undoubtedly bring it up, your game time does not count while you are actually playing. You get five hours of gameplay. This can be spread over multiple sessions if you wish. Your Trophies, save data, and other information will also carry over to the full product if you choose to buy it. Everything is working as it should.

The All PS Plus Games guide has a complete list of all available Game Trials. It is worth noting that the majority of tasters last only for two hours. Cyberpunk 2077, however, gives you five hours of Horizon Forbidden West. We think this is a positive thing, as these RPGs require a bit more time to get their hooks in.

PS Plus Premium is not for everyone. However, it’s a nice perk for members.