Bottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia: A police officer in Bottrop was seriously injured during a routine operation due to a disturbance of the peace. When the officials wanted to secure a music system after several unsuccessful warnings, the official was pushed from behind by a 32-year-old Bottroper, who then hit him on the head with the metal door of a garage, a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday. The policeman was admitted to a hospital with a serious head injury.

The officials had already been aggressively attacked and insulted. When the Bottroper was supposed to be taken to the station, a 35-year-old woman from Bottrop tried to prevent this and attacked the officers. The officials initiated criminal proceedings against three Bottrop residents aged between 31 and 35. The incident happened on Sunday night. Source: DPA

Rostock, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: A chimney fire on a television screen triggered a police and fire brigade operation in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The emergency services were called to the alleged fire in an apartment in an apartment building in Rostock, the police said on Tuesday. Accordingly, the operation took place on Sunday evening.

Shortly after the arrival of the fire brigade and police, however, the all-clear was given. The alleged fire turned out to be a chimney fire, which could be seen on the television screen in the apartment.

Source: DPA

Cake, Baden-Württemberg: Because he stole more than a dozen cars and then drove them without a license, a 15-year-old was taken into custody by the judiciary. The minor was arrested last Thursday in Cake (Göppingen district), as the police and public prosecutor reported on Tuesday.

The 15-year-old, about whom no further details were given, is said to have stolen the vehicles from April to the end of July in several places in the region. The youth was held by a witness in the early morning in Geislingen near Geislingen until the police arrived, the investigators reported. The public prosecutor’s office in Ulm applied to the district court in Ulm for an arrest warrant. The suspect is also said to have committed a trespass in Donzdorf in March. According to the information, the police are checking whether the young person could be responsible for further car thefts.

Source: DPA

Hamburg: In the Hanseatic city, at least 998 people are to transform themselves into the famous magician’s apprentice Harry Potter on Saturday for a world record attempt. In order for the German Record Institute (RID) to be able to certify the record they are aiming for, they have to come to the Rathausmarkt equipped with a black suit, scar and glasses.

The whole thing is part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the first Harry Potter volume in Germany. “Get on your broomsticks and come to Rathausmarkt on August 26 to be part of the world record,” the organizers urged fans of Joanne K. Rowling’s seven-part novel series. The anniversary event will also feature actors from the Hamburg play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. And Rufus Beck, speaker of the “Harry Potter” audio books, will read at the festival.

Source: DPA

Tangerhütte: A mother who is said to have killed her newborn and disposed of it in a used clothes container in Tangerhütte (Stendal district) must answer to the Stendal district court from Tuesday (11 a.m.). The woman is accused of stabbing her daughter with a knife immediately after giving birth in March this year. On the morning of March 27, an employee found the dead baby while emptying the container in the small town in Altmark. The 40-year-old was arrested a few days later. She claimed to have killed the newborn alone in the apartment after birth. Prosecutors charged the woman with manslaughter.

Source: DPA

Hanover, Lower Saxony: Three people died in a car accident. Three other car occupants were critically injured in the accident on Monday evening, a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday. They went to different hospitals. The age and gender of the dead and injured were initially unclear.

In the Marienwerder district, two cars were traveling in opposite directions, and one of the cars probably got into oncoming traffic, the spokeswoman said. There was a collision. The cause of the accident was initially unknown. When the first patrol cars arrived, the emergency services provided first aid and tried to revive the victims until rescue workers reached the scene of the accident.

Source: DPA

Fürstenberg an der Havel, Brandenburg: A bee wagon burned in (Oberhavel district). Many bees had died, the police said on Tuesday. Accordingly, the 84-year-old owner of the car wanted to fight parasite infestation with a smoldering fire on Monday afternoon. According to the information, he left this unattended for a short time, causing the car to catch fire. The 84-year-old initially tried to extinguish the fire on his own, but then alerted the fire brigade. According to the police, the resulting property damage is estimated at around 8,000 euros.

According to the information, it is unclear how many beehives were in the car. A bee wagon is a mobile apiary that can be equipped with several beehives.

Source: DPA

Mannheim: While parking out of a garage, an 83-year-old killed his 80-year-old wife in Brühl in the Rhein-Neckar district of Baden-Württemberg. The accident happened on Saturday evening, as the police in Mannheim announced on Monday. The man wanted to reverse out of a so-called two-story garage, missed the woman and rolled over her.

The fire brigade rescued the seriously injured, who died a little later in the hospital. In addition to the rescue workers, an emergency pastor was also on duty to look after relatives. An expert was consulted for further investigations.

What: AFP

Berlin: A dispute between two men after a district league soccer game in Berlin degenerated into an unequal brawl with several injuries. Four of those involved were taken to hospitals on Sunday evening, the police said on Monday. Other participants in the brawl in Birkenstrasse therefore refused treatment. A 28-year-old, who is said to have injured two opponents with a knife, was taken into custody by the police. Emergency services confiscated, among other things, a telescopic baton, a stun gun and a baseball bat. The police speak of a particularly serious breach of the peace.

A player and a coach from a football club are said to have been among those involved, said a police spokesman. Originally, according to the investigators’ first findings, a 43-year-old and an 18-year-old got into an argument after the football game. They would then have arranged to meet for the evening. While the older man appeared with a companion, the 18-year-old brought a total of 30 to 40 men, including several relatives. “The two men were surrounded by the group and suddenly attacked with various dangerous objects,” said the police. The 43-year-old and his companion are said to be among the injured who were taken to hospital.

Source: DPA

Hohen Luckow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: In an accident with a combine harvester in the Rostock district, a man got into the machine with both legs and was seriously injured. The 25-year-old noticed on Saturday afternoon in Hohen Luckow when emptying the bunker of the agricultural machine that a feeder was clogged with grain, the police said on Sunday morning. When trying to remove the blockage, the man got both feet in two counter-rotating screw conveyors for reasons that are still unknown.

As the specialist portal “Top Agrar” reports, citing the police, the accident victim had to have both legs amputated in an emergency operation before he could be flown to a hospital for further treatment.

Source: DPA, “Top Agrar”

Rommerskirchen, NRW: The police shot a 41-year-old man during an operation in Rommerskirchen (Rhein-Kreis Neuss) and seriously injured him. The officials were called on Sunday evening because of disputes between the man and his partner, a police spokeswoman in Neuss said on Monday morning. When the colleagues arrived, the 41-year-old approached them and was shot at. A rescue helicopter took him to the hospital.

The spokeswoman did not initially provide any further information on the course of the operation. The incident happened in front of a house on the street. The police in Düsseldorf took over the investigation in the case.

Source: DPA

Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg: A man drove his car over a curb in Pforzheim, flew into a bus stop and then fled the scene of the accident. As the police announced on Monday, a car crashed into a bus shelter near the police headquarters on Sunday evening, breaking the glass panes and bending the metal frame. A spokesman said there was damage in the low five-digit range. The perpetrator wanted to flee the scene of the accident, but was found by officers. It was initially unclear how the accident happened. Several media had previously reported about it.

Source: DPA

Münster, NRW: Police officers are allowed to join the last generation climate protection group as long as it is not banned. Professor Markus Thiel, who teaches public law at the Police University in Münster, pointed this out. You cannot be held responsible for crimes committed by other members. After all, members of a shooting club would not be penalized if a shooter from their club ran amok. Of course, things are different when it comes to inciting or supporting crimes, said Thiel, who, by his own admission, has focused on police law for more than 20 years. A policewoman from North Rhine-Westphalia, as a member of the climate activist group Last Generation, spoke on a voluntary basis and in her free time at the German Police University. Representatives of the FDP and CDU had criticized this.

According to Thiel, the duty of moderation and neutrality is part of the special service and loyalty of civil servants. Only through membership in a climate protection movement, he sees neither moderation nor neutrality violated, said Thiel. It is different with statements against the free democratic basic order. If the movement were to officially oppose this order with the main goal, police officers would have to distance themselves from it, according to Thiel.

Source: DPA

Hassfurt, Bavaria: A 36-year-old is said to have robbed and seriously injured his work colleague in Hassfurt (Hassberge district). During a dispute at the company, the man demanded cash from his colleague, the police said on Monday. He is also said to have injured the 60-year-old in the incident on Thursday. Rescue workers took the 60-year-old to the hospital with a fractured arm. The 36-year-old is now being investigated for extortion. Officials arrested him at his home on Thursday. According to the police, he has been in custody since Friday.

Source: DPA

Obernzell, Bavaria: The search for the 55-year-old man who went missing after a water skiing accident on the Danube in Obernzell (Passau district) continues. As a spokesman announced on Monday, the forces of the water police are already on site. Despite extensive searches by the water police, DLRG, water rescue service, fire brigade and two helicopters, the water skier could not be found on Sunday. Shipping traffic has been suspended.

The 55-year-old has been missing since Sunday afternoon. There was an accident while water skiing. When the man wanted to climb onto the boat via the stern, he reportedly got caught in the drive screw, which was still turning. He lost his leg and then got under water.

Source: DPA