As a newbie in crypto, it can be overwhelming to sell Bitcoins instantly. Although many exchange platforms have embraced the latest technology of selling crypto instantly, you still need to be cautious when carrying out this project.

Some crypto enthusiasts sell Bitcoins they bought previously, while others have earned the Bitcoins from business or work. Regardless, the process of selling is the same. So, take time to understand the right process of doing this.

Plan What You Intend to Sell

Before you sell Bitcoins instantly, it is essential to plan well and know how many Bitcoins or what portion of one Bitcoin you intend to sell. First, evaluate your reason for selling. Do you intend to sell to make a profit, to get business liquidity, or to take care of an emergency? These questions can help you decide on the Bitcoins to sell.

This plan is helpful to determine both the amount to sell and the platform to use as we are going to see below. When the plan is ready, you can move to the next steps.

Choose a Reliable Crypto Exchange to Sell Bitcoins Instantly

There are many channels to sell Bitcoins instantly. They are called crypto exchanges and range from online exchanges to physical outlets. Let’s see how each option works.

  • Physical crypto exchanges – One of the best and easiest ways to sell Bitcoins instantly is through a physical outlet. The best options to consider are physical offices, Bitcoin kiosks, and Bitcoin ATMs, among others. Banks are also becoming possible outlets but are not yet so common. Physical crypto outlets are secure and convenient for large instant transactions.
  • Online crypto exchanges – There is a plethora of options ranging from CEX to DEX. The former have a central management body, while the latter are purely P2P options without centralized control. Regardless, they are accessible either through mobile apps or web platforms, making them very convenient, especially for those who want to sell Bitcoins instantly on the go.

Transfer Bitcoins from Your Wallet

The process to sell Bitcoins instantly involves transferring Bitcoins from your digital wallet to the platform’s account or directly to the buyer. This is determined by the exchange you choose to use. For instance, many online platforms require you to create an account and load it with the Bitcoins you intend to sell, while a physical crypto exchange or an ATM requires you to send the Bitcoins directly to the buyer.

Practice caution as you do this to avoid losing your investment. Check if there is an escrow account, especially when using P2P platforms. Then the platform will hold the transaction until both parties do their part. But if you want to avoid such risks, consider using a physical outlet. After all, they are faster.

Collect Your Funds After You Sell Bitcoins Instantly

How you collect your funds after you sell Bitcoins instantly depends on the platform. For physical platforms, all you need is to collect the physical money or tell the concierge to credit it into your account. For online exchanges, you have to withdraw the money from your platform account to your bank account.


Anyone can sell Bitcoins instantly and conveniently today. It is an easy process as you can tell from the insights that we’ve shared above. The good thing is that there are many options as well as platforms to do it. So, choose one that suits your needs the most.