After Tuesday’s shooting at an elementary school in Texas, 19 children and two adults were murdered, the Miami Heat basketball team asked fans to contact their senators on Wednesday night.

As the Heat prepared to face the Boston Celtics in Game 5, the stadium announcer stated, “The Heat urges to you to contact your state senators at 202-224-3121 to leave an urgent message demanding that they support common-sense gun laws.”

Before the announcement, there was a moment of silence.

Since the shooting, other teams have observed moments of silence. Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors’ head coach, was outspoken on social issues in the past and said Tuesday night that he did not want to speak about basketball.

“When are you going to do anything?” He said. “I am so tired of standing up and offering condolences for the families who are in such pain. I am so tired. Please excuse me. I’m sorry. I’m tired if silence is all that remains. Enough.”