The president of Carex Logistic Petete Rubio, also patron of the Fundación Vela Clásica de España, collected the Laurel award yesterday in Murcia for the support of an employment center proposed by ASTUS, Guardianship Association for Persons with Disabilities.

The collaboration between ASTUS and Carex goes back many years and their workers have always been entrusted with the production of their corporate gifts. The novelty in this 26th edition of the Laurel Awards comes with the officialization of the Fundación Vela Clásica de España in 2021, a non-profit foundation that was born to protect classic sailing boats.

Carex Logistic’s relationship with the Fundación Vela Clásica de España is very close, its condition of collaborating is a great support for it, since it is a powerful logistics company at the national level.

This year at the Laurel Awards, the repercussion of the foundation’s boats in the lives of ASTUS workers was highlighted, since they not only have the responsibility of restoring pieces that they receive such as stanchions, fairleads or lifeguard fixings, they have also gone to sail on the “Gipsy”, its flagship, as a reward for a job very well done. According to José Hernandez Pageo, Prolam’s production manager at the ASTUS special employment center, the workers receive the pieces with more emotion when they know that they are essential parts of the boats they have sailed on.

In addition, ASTUS operators also design the prizes and gifts that are awarded in the regattas organized by the foundation, each one unique and unrepeatable.