Marc Márquez continues with his recovery and enjoying the summer after the fourth operation on his right arm. The intervention has caused him to give up the season and the Honda rider continues with the rehabilitation process and uses social networks to make known how he is. Márquez is enjoying the sea and the pool. Precisely thanks to this, in a last photo that he has published, it has been possible to see for the first time the large scar that the surgical intervention has left on him. It is a wound that goes from the upper part of the shoulder, almost at the height of the clavicle, to the end of the biceps. Márquez continues to wear his arm in a sling.

On October 18, he passed a satisfactory medical check-up: “I have had a medical check-up in Madrid and the doctors are happy,” explained the Catalan pilot.

In the same statement, Márquez explained how he is: «My arm is immobilized and will be for the next few weeks. My feelings so far are positive because I am not in pain, this is very important. It allows me to rest and follow the doctors’ instructions: eat a healthy diet, drink a lot and try to hang out with our dogs because it is important that the body is not inactive. The most important thing about my doctors is that I have to be calm and patient.”

From Honda it is expected that this last operation will allow us to see the usual Márquez. Alberto Puig explained it: «It would be good if he could test the bike, let’s say, after the summer, at the end of the year. That would be the best, especially for our engineers, so that they understand in which direction we need to go. But, the priority is the full recovery of his arm ».