Because of the lack in game action and the news it brings, I thought it was a good idea to post some commentary that is a little detached from the game action. This post will share information about Nick Robertson’s recent return to the ice following his broken leg earlier this season. Second, I will comment on Jack Campbells culinary skills. Finally, I will look at the most popular NHL teams according to Google searches.

Item 1: Nick Robertson is Back in the Toronto Marlies Lineup

Nick Robertson finally returned from the ice on Wednesday, as his Toronto Marlies defeated Grand Rapids 4-3. Robertson has had a history of injuries that have been very frustrating over the last couple seasons, and this season was no exception. Does Robertson’s injury history put at risk his status as one the best prospects in the Maple Leafs organization?
On October 17, he broke his leg in the Marlies’ season opener. It was only four months later that he has returned to action. He didn’t score a point, but he did make a few shots on net. He will be there when the Marlies face Rochester this afternoon. Will the Maple Leafs eventually give up on him and use him more as trade bait or prospect?

Item 2: Jack Campbell loves to be in the kitchen, but he doesn’t make soup.

We got some insight from the article by the NHL Players Association if Maple Leafs fans have ever wondered about Jack Campbell’s off-ice activities. He loves to watch television with his girlfriend and enjoys watching Ozark or Yellowstone.

He also enjoys spending time in the kitchen, as you might guess from his nickname. According to Chris Lomon, a member of the National Hockey League Players Association’s team, Campbell is no novice in the kitchen. Campbell is actually dedicating some of his time off the ice to improving his culinary skills.

Campbell’s favorite dish? He is a fan of Chilean sea bass.

Campbell said, “That’s my favorite treat.” This one I cook only a few times per year. It’s something that keeps my mind busy all year. It takes your mind off of hockey. That’s what I believe is important. It’s something that I enjoy and which I strive to improve upon each time.

Item 3: World’s Most Googled Team? The Maple Leafs

The Hockey News published an article yesterday claiming that the Maple Leafs are the most Googled team in all of the NHL. They’re not surprising, The Hockey News reported.
The Hockey News released data from SportsHandle on the top-search NHL teams. It showed that Toronto was “at the top of people’s minds in different parts of Canada and the United States.”
Only 1,500,000 searches were made by Maple Leafs fans in Canada. Toronto was also the most searched team worldwide and led Google searches for 28 countries. Surprisingly, the United Kingdom ranked second with 18,100 Google search results.
According to SportsHandle the Washington Capitals were the second most searched team in the globe. They topped Google searches in 16 countries. The popularity of Alex Ovechkin, the Russian-born Capitals star, is a major reason for this success. The Capitals were clearly the most searched team within Russia.

What’s next for the Maple Leafs

Andrei Vasilevskiy and Jack Campbell, Maple Leafs’ goalie, combined to save nine consecutive games to win the Dunkin’ NHL Save Streak to the Atlantic Division at last night’s 2022 NHL All-Star Skills.

Campbell commented that “It’s really cool.” “Vasy” at the other end of the table, he has been so dominant in this league, especially in shootouts, over the length of his time in the league. We had a lot fun together, and we set the standard and I was trying my best.”

Both Campbell and Auston Matthews wish you all the best.