Luis Enrique, who does not stitch without a thread, left the staff thoughtful in the preview of the match against the Czech Republic for his enigmatic phrase about Gavi: “He has a lot to improve on and off the field.” A phrase that he expanded upon at the end of the game, after another great match for the Barça midfielder, this time coming off the bench: “Yesterday’s words need no explanation, he’s very smart and he caught it right away. It is a message that can be used by all players. The interested party already took it, and at the right time.”

Later, the coach once again praised the play of the very young player, who revolutionized the match at La Rosaleda in the second half: «Gavi is an erupting volcano when he goes out on the pitch.

Any fan enjoys seeing him. He plays between the lines like nobody else, he is outlined, he is daring, he has a goal, last pass, defensive work…».

The coach leaves this June concentration very satisfied, which ends with two wins and two draws: «For me they have been games in which we have achieved good things. What do we intend after so long without seeing each other and at the end of the season? The kids have been good.”

He also praised Unai Simón and Eric García, two of the players mentioned in this last week: «Unai gives us the peace of mind and security we need. And Eric has been imperial. Let’s see if someone highlights it.