Because we’ve seen it for 10 months, we already know what to expect from Jurgen Klipp’s Paris side.

They needed to have the same outlook that brought them so many victories this season: a calmness and belief in their ability to win the FA Cup and Carabao Cup.

Many things have happened to bring them to this point. But back in August, there were many reasons to doubt that Liverpool would win any of the trophies this season.

It all began where? It was written in stars…

Every great team must overcome adversity at one point. Liverpool did just that 12 months ago, turning things around after a disappointing campaign.

They have been set up for this season by it. It’s easy for them to forget that they almost missed the chance to try for a quadruple, but they managed to get closer to a historic sweep than any English team.

This team is amazing. You can see why they are going for the Champions League.

They wouldn’t have even made it to the top four of last season’s rankings if not for Alisson’s remarkable 95th-minute win against West Brom last may.

After his father Jose had died in a terrible accident, it was almost clear that Brazil’s goalkeeper would do something like that.

Their turnaround was not limited to that moment. The key to saving that campaign was their last 10 league games – Liverpool won eight of them and drew one.

Klopp’s decision that Fabinho was to be moved from a defender role back into midfield and become the screen in front two young centre-backs sparked the revival. It worked brilliantly.

The club’s mood was changed by the third-place finish. It increased the confidence of the players and influenced the thinking of the fans.

They didn’t worry about the future, but they were excited to see what the season would bring.

Van Dijk is back at his best!

In August, I didn’t even think Liverpool would win both the domestic cups.

Klopp has never given priority to either the League Cup of the FA Cup since he joined the club in 2015. It was the same as in the beginning stages of the competitions this year.

He had young players, but they won each round.

Of course, there were still many obstacles to overcome. They won the FA Cup, beating City. However, they had to defeat Chelsea in the finals.

Klopp didn’t announce that he was going for everything when he entered this season. It’s the way it ended, and sometimes that’s a great thing.

They have proven many people wrong along their way, and the same was true in the Premier League.