Kurt Zouma, West Ham United’s defender, was sentenced to 180 hours community service after kicking and slapping a pet cat in an abuse video.

After pleading guilty at Thames Magistrates Court to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, the 27-year old was also banned from keeping cats for five year.

Yoan, Zouma’s younger brother was sentenced on Wednesday to 140 hours community service. After the video was posted, Zouma’s club Dagenham & Redbridge suspended him.

Yoan recorded the incident with the cat and uploaded it to Snapchat in February.

Kurt Zouma was seen rolling his Bengal cat across the kitchen floor, before throwing shoes at it and hitting its head.

Susan Holdham, district judge, stated that both of you participated in the disgraceful act with this pet cat.

“The cat looked up at you to take care of its needs.” You did not care for the cat’s needs on that February date.

Zouma was fined by West Ham for two weeks salary, the maximum amount allowed. However, manager David Moyes continued his selection of the defender to play whenever he felt like it. Zouma also lost a sponsorship agreement with adidas.

After the incident, Zouma’s two pets cats were taken into care by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals.

The prosecution was brought by the RSPCA against the brothers, even though it doesn’t have the power of charging people.

British law permits organisations like the RSPCA to employ specialist lawyers to bring private charges against individuals. These cases are heard in court, and sometimes taken over to public prosecutors.

A spokesperson for West Ham said that Kurt Zouma was given a community service order by West Ham United following an investigation from the RSPCA.

“West Ham United wants to be clear that we strongly condemn any form of cruelty or animal abuse. This behavior is unacceptable and not in keeping with the values of the football team.

“We fined Kurt the maximum amount allowed to the club within 48 hours of the footage’s release. Each penny of this money has been donated to a variety of worthy charities that are all committed to animal welfare.

“Kurt acknowledged at the earliest opportunity that he had done wrong. He has apologized without reservation.

“We hope Kurt will be able to learn from his mistakes and move on now that the court has made its decision.”